Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bring Back Diamond Street

WTF happened?

I know there's a book on Diamond Street, which I haven't read yet, but from what I understand, Hudson was a big prostitution town...

Then the fuzz came and closed it all down, and they even renamed the street to COLUMBIA Street...well, that's original!

I say we bring back the name DIAMOND Street. I'm proud to be in a town known for prostitution!

(Not so proud of a town known for whaling..leave the whales alone. We don't have to go back to whaling, do we?).

Anyone who wants to bring back the name, Diamond Street, leave a comment!

C'mon all you hussies, johns, and two-bit whores - UNITE!

We know who you are.


Anonymous said...

It's true!

Hudson will never truly come back till it seizes its history, and make it real, and honors it.

It's not just about whaling captains and their faboo houses, it's also about all the hardworking women and men that relieved all the pent-up angst of the seamen below decks...

Of course, Diamond Street is the most obvious example of that history.

I believe Warren Street was "Main Street" pre-1950's.

There was a bar called "The Crystal Room" on Warren Street with a glass block front. Sadly, gone. Palpable memories seem to exist, though...

All the alleys do need to be labeled... Cherry Alley, Prison Alley, Rope Alley... damn, there's one more, but I'm forgetting it now.

Let's call it "Hooker Lane" for now.

Aaron said...

i believe it is a good idea, Lisa is the front runner of this, The Diamond Street Renaissance. Btw great site!