Sunday, February 25, 2007

Forget the Oscars, Email your Congresspeople!

New Jersey just passed Civil Unions.

Which is NOT the same as same sex marriage.

Civil Unions are the equivalent of buying store-brand drugs, like CVS Acetaminophen, because they can't say "Tylenol".

It's the same amount of active ingredients, but it's generic in name.

WTF New York?

You know WHY there are no civil unions in New York? It's because of us. It's mostly the "conservative" upstate voters. New York City people, Long Islanders, Westchester, they don't care, they'd all vote for gay marriage. It's the upstate population where the pro-gay marriage people are less numerous.

That's why Jersey beat us to Civil Unions. Jersey has a more urbane population.

So, a email message from one of you, in Hudson, actually means a LOT. It means that the upstate attitudes are changing.

How many emails do you send a day? 10, 15, 25? HUNDREDS a month?

(For some of you, it's HUNDREDS, and that's only counting Manhunt...)

How many emails have you sent to your congresspeople recently?

....yeah, I thought so.....

You need to favorite these links, and save the email address. When something pisses you off, or you're happy about something - TELL THEM!

That's their job! And it's YOUR job to tell them what we want. Tell them you want Gay Marriage, or at least Civil Unions, in the State of New York.

Here's Hillary's:

Here's Chuck's:

And here's the email for our congressperson, Gillibrand. Put it in your Contacts!

Um, if you have time to watch the Oscars, then you have time to email your congresspeople.



Anonymous said...

Um, nice post...

but where's the naked butt shot???

Anonymous said...


Congratulations Jennifer Hudson!

Aaron said...

may 1 2007 there is a large forum at Rockefeller Empire State Plaze thru the Empire State Pride Agenda. It is very cheap to to and i suggestt if you are interest at all in Equality, not just a CV that you or anybody ready this should go. (

Anonymous said...

I like large things...

...what's a large "forum"???

Perhaps you meant to type "Santorum".

Anonymous said...

"Forget the Oscars..."

Forget WHAT?