Thursday, February 22, 2007

Giovanni at Stray Bar -- Saturday 2/24

This flyer just came to me, folks.

Stray Bar this Saturday, DJ Giovanni.

He's a pretty hot DJ, will probably bring a mix of Straight/Gay to the crowd.

Any comments?


Aaron said...

yes my comment is there is way to many font types on that poster. to distracts to much of what it is trying to say. someone needs to address this to his marketing department.

Anonymous said...

I understand the frustration with the multiple fonts, but what else do you need: poster showing a half-naked sexy guy, date, time, place and btw...Giovanni said there's NO COVER -TWOINHUDSON

Anonymous said...

Thxxxxxxxxxxx Two In Hudson (m&T)..i don't have a staff to design and distribute my is about the music and the boyzzzzzzz!


Anonymous said...

OK, back to the boy...

How come the stylist didn't grab that "Tommy" waistband and yank it down?