Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hudson Dinner Parties

They warned me before I came to Hudson....

They said "It's mostly couples, there's no real gay bar, most people go to dinner parties"

Dinner Parties?

Like, sit-down dinner parties? ...ugh...

Listen, I don't mind going to dinner parties, but don't expect me to be all 'sugar and cream' just because I'm all gussied up.

Hey, if I can't talk about RIM JOBS at the dinner table, then don't invite me!


Here's an example....

GUEST: "This rump roast is just delightful! It's so well marinated..."

ME: "Let me tell you about a RUMP ROAST I was eating last night....25, Latino, HOT. I like them spicy...ASS for DAYS! Meaty, succulent, juicy! His name was JOSE and he was marinated in my spit!"

Hey, if you can't deal, don't invite me.

Here's a photo of Jose:


Anonymous said...

Jose's phone number, please.


Anonymous said...

Shit, I didn't know it was going to be an international call...