Saturday, February 24, 2007

Who needs Miami, when we've got Hudson!

A friend reminded me, via a series of text messages, that the city of Miami was unnecessary, since we have Hudson.

  • Alton Road is the Fairview Avenue of Miami Beach.
  • Lincoln Road is the Warren Street of Miami Beach.
  • The Jackie Gleason Theater is the Hudson Opera House of Miami.
  • Flamingo Park is the Courthouse Square of Miami Beach.
  • Michele Oka-Doner is the Lisa Durfee of Miami Beach.
  • Abel at Twilo is the DJ Lisa at the Hudson River Theater of Miami Beach.
  • Meridian Road is the Diamond Street of Miami Beach.
  • North Miami Beach is the Claverack of Miami Beach.
  • Gloria Estefan is the 'Kareoke Jeff' of Miami Beach.
  • The Deuce is the Savoia of Miami Beach.
  • Pop! is the Knotty Woodpecker of Miami Beach.
  • Jameel's Internet Cafe is the Muddy Cup of Miami Beach.
And my favorite:
  • is the of Miami Beach.
....we've got everything we need right here in our own backyard!

PLEASE add your own comparison in the comments! C'mon, what can YOU come up with?


Anonymous said...

The Setai is the Bliss Towers of Miami Beach.

Anonymous said...

The Front Porch is the Earth Foods of South Beach.

Anonymous said...

SoBe Thrifty is the Second Show of Miami Beach.

Anonymous said...

-Ingrid Casares is the Linda Mussman of Miami Beach.

-Miami Sound Machine is the Slink Moss Orchestra of South Beach.

-Twist is the Stray of South Beach.

-News Cafe is the Nolita of Miami Beach

Anonymous said...

20°F of Hudson is the 70°F of Miami