Friday, March 16, 2007

AARON comes to Gay Hudson this weekend!

AARON, the frequent commenter on, is planning on attending STRAY BAR tonight to hear DJ LISA spin!

In celebration of AARON, whom we all ADORE, the following is a blog post written by him (you see, I can share the stage, thank you...):


So I start to type a blog and think of a topic in which I could delve into and try to summon up some thoughts on, a friend asks "what's the Hudson blog because I was too busy fucking sheep."

I have no idea what that means, maybe it means something that as a youth of the Adirondacks I do not under stand, but as a youth of the Hudson/Chatham area you can. Or maybe because my dear friend with a last name too complex I cannot pronounce. I call him Charlotte the simple naïve one. There are 4 of us. I am the Samantha, another is Miranda and another is Carrie (but I think I have much better shoes……….SHOES) before I start in a Kelly Loves Shoes bit I will
continue this blog.

Why is in the gay groups there are always a distinctive traits that you can see other groups, like Sex in the City, The Golden Girls, The First Wives Club, The Wonder Years (ok maybe they were all naïve, and there wasn't a slut, but common Fred Savage, he was a whole lotta
yummy for a 12 year old tween like myself back in the day)
Now back to the whole concept of what Charlotte said to me "Fucking Sheep", for this I had to turn to my boyfriend, but Wikipedia gave me no answers.

My MacBook built in dictionary states:

sheep is a person who is too easily influenced or led

Fucking used for emphasis or to express anger, annoyance, contempt, or surprise.

Making "I was busy Fucking Sheep" = I was busy expressing my anger because I am to easily influenced. Making this person naïve, or Charlotte. I rest my case and I go to bed. Enjoy.

See you all at RED DOT for the Saints day of Patrick. History tidbit:

Ireland never had snakes, as we know them, due to the fact that the country was formed due to the glacial movements during the last ice age. The snakes that he was sent to have banished were the Druids. At that time they used a serpent type symbol which can be seen in coins
at the time in what is now present day France. (Oh Wikipedia is a great thing)



Aaron said...

so i hear we are getting a giant snow storm now WTF. screw this NE bullshit, im moving to France!

Anonymous said...

Aaron darling - The sun is always shining in Hudson... That is why it is so FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

DJ redlight, the DJ formerly known as dj lisa, spins SATURDAY at straybar, not friday-- After the lipstick lovelies. hope to see you there ...