Saturday, March 10, 2007 Corporate Headquarters Quiet

The global corporate headquarters on the NORTH SIDE of Warren Street were eerily quiet this past week as staffers left town due to the cold weather.

All two dozen employees went to cities with better weather conditions, notably, South Beach, Florida and London, England.

London, England was wet, but the 50 degree weather was similar to springtime, compared to the -4 degrees noticed on a car dashboard from a frequent commenter.

"Who'd've thunk that I'd go all the way to friggin' London-fuckin'-England for the WEATHER!" commented a staffer, "I'm sick and fucking tired of this stupid fucking bullshit weather! My balls are going to freeze off!!"

Similar sentiments were found around the cubicles and sparkling water cooler at the's office.

"I'm going to South Beach for some good sex and drugs....oh, and yeah, it's warm....but mostly sex and drugs."

"So, I'm there in England, right..." commented a senior official, "and all these 'blokes' are like 'I'm going downstairs to smoke a FAG!'. Because, ya know, they call cigarettes FAGS I'm like, 'I'll smoke one with you! You got any that are 25 and Latino?"

As the upstate New York weather gets warmer, the staffers of plan to return.

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Anonymous said...

The shorts in the last picture look familiar...