Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hudson Monk - E - Mail


I am going to share with you the latest Monk-e-mail, I received from my good Hudson friends.


Apologies if you click here a month or so later and it doesn't work....

But, just create a new Monk-e-mail, CLICK HERE.


Send me the most OBSCENE, Hudson-related, Monk-e-mail, and I will post it!

Email me at Rich@GayHudson.com

Winner will receive a BigGayApple.com "I Heart Gay Porn" T-shirt.

(cute boys and porn star autographs NOT included)


Aaron said...

fuck the shirt, give me the guy who is wearing it. he is a hole lotta yummy.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the "I Heart Gay Porn" shirt? I claim him. You're going to have to naked oil wrestle me for him. Babydoll, who is he anyways???