Friday, March 2, 2007

Is Upstate Reaching Critical Mass?

Every morning now, I watch this video, called "Kelly Likes Shoes".

It's like I'm an alcoholic who needs his daily affirmation.

It's where I want to take my life. It's my goal, my dream.

And it was made in Schenectady!

I moved to the East Village in '92. My friends thought I was CRAZY for moving so close to Avenue A.

A woman died of an overdose in the apartment below me, they found the body a week later. The drug dealers would keep the doors jammed open to make it easier for their customers to get into the building.

But now, on the very same block, they torn down the building where David LaChapelle did his photo work, and they're building luxury condominiums, starting at 900K. Pool on the roof....very Samatha Jones.

So, I bought a house in Hudson....on the NORTH side of Warren Street. My friends think I'm CRAZY!

Once again, I'm greeted by the drug dealers, on my way home from the Red Dot at 2 am.


"No thanks, old friend. Good to see you again!"


I'm back where I belong.

A friend of mine sent me this email. He was at a party on Avenue C, where you can get in for free, if you're bare-assed. He met the DJ from Claverack, a guy who was going to get his new tattoo in Hudson at the tattoo parlor on 7th Street Park, another guy from Germantown.

...and to say that I saw it on Avenue C....

This means that cheap housing, cost of living, and transportation is driving people to upstate New York. If you draw a circle radius from Times Square, the cheapest direction is North.

And there are great artists upstate, like the ones who made this video. Fifteen years ago, "Kelly" would have been a 'Boy Bar Beauty' on St. Mark's Place. Now, she's in Schenectady.

It will first be Hudson...then Troy...Buffalo, at some point.


Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Hey Baby doll - you like me, like the darker side where people aren't so up tight about who or what your wearing. The thing I like about Hudson is that it is an "up" and coming town that has a good mix of the high on the horse queen who aren't all they used to be and good old down home hard working people. We need to maintain that good mix in order to keep the charm of Hudson alive. So we need to embrace the crack whore, pimps and drug dealers. If we don't where will the tired old queens get there drugs and cheap ass?

Rich said...

YES! Embrace the Hudson as of NOW! It's CBGB's when Blondie was the's Worhol at Studio's ACT UP in '90 stopping trading on Wall Street..

Enjoy the mix of people, before it's ruined. Key West is ruined, like South Beach is ruined, like Ptown is being ruined....

ENJOY Hudson 15 years, we may be shuffling off to Buffalo...

Anonymous said...


Now that we have had the rice and flowers,
The knot is tied;
I can visu'lize such happy hours
Right by your side.
The honeymoon in store
Is one that you'll adore,
I'm gonna take you for a ride;

I'll go home and get my panties,
You go home and get your scanties,
And away we'll go;
Mm, off we're gonna shuffle,
Shuffle off to Buffalo.

To Niag'ra in a sleeper,
There's no honeymoon that's cheaper,
And the train goes slow;
Ooh, off we're gonna shuffle,
Shuffle off to Buffalo.

Some day, I hope we'll be elected
To buy a lot of baby clothes;
We don't know when to expect it,
But it's a cinch that Winchell knows!

For a little silver quarter,
We can have the Pullman porter
Turn the lights down low;
Ooh, off we're gonna shuffle,
Shuffle off to Buffalo.

Matrimony is baloney,
She'll be wanting alimony
In a year or so;
Still they go and shuffle,
Shuffle off to Buffalo.

When she knows as much as we know,
She'll be on her way to Reno,
While he still has dough;
She'll give him the shuffle
When they're back from Buffalo.

I'll bet that she's the farmer's daughter
And he's that well-known traveling man;
He once stopped down at the farm house,
That's how the whole affair began!

He did right by little Nelly
With a shotgun at his bel…tummy,
How could he say, "No?"
He just had to shuffle,
Shuffle off to Buffalo,
Shuffle off to Buffalo.

Anonymous said...

Is "Kelly Loves Shoes" related to Ellsworth Kelly?