Saturday, March 3, 2007

Late Night in Hudson - GET DRUNK TONIGHT!


My sources tell me that tonight will be a late night in Hudson, meaning stores will be open later.

On Saturday night, March 3, there are four gallery openings on Warren Street:

  • Limner Gallery - A fairly new gallery below 2nd Street - The Sensual Nude
  • Columbia County Council on the Arts 12th Annual Juried Art Show - at the Opera House (5-7 pm)
  • John Davis Gallery - paintings by Tim Casey (6-8pm)
  • Nicole Fiacco Gallery - View Three Works by three significant artists of Native American background
  • Also there is a film at 5:30 at TSL
So, go out in Hudson tonight. Stay out late! Get drunk, buy some art, stumble home. Or, just pass out on Warren Street.

Ok, here's my story about Driver's Ed class in Hudson.

First of all, I'm a loser. I've lived in Manhattan for 20 years, no car, and I let my license expire. I changed addresses, plus I believe that our car culture is the downfall of our society; greenhouse gases, obesity, diabetes, and strip malls. All are awful outgrowths of the car.

So, I never renewed my license. And after so may years you have to start from square one.

Which means you have to take the written test, the driving test, and sit in the FIVE hour class.

I sat in the five hour class one Saturday a few months ago here in Hudson. I think the place is on 2nd street...

It was me, a dozen 16 year olds and a few drunks who were in for DWI.

Now, I was a 'Straight A' student in high school, Honor Roll, Editorial Editor of the high school newspaper, (...if they saw what I was writing now....), etc. I wasn't having sex then, so I had a lot of time and energy....and conjugated a LOT of french verbs.


Anyway, I show up at the Driver's Ed class with a brand new notebook (I bought just for this class), a pen, a cup of coffee, a small container of soy milk, (I was sure that the local bodega didn't carry soy for their coffee), and a small bottle of Kiehl's hand cream. I put the hand cream on the desk in front of me - just in case my hands got dry during the five hour class.

(this is actually sad...)

Well, I'm the ONLY one taking notes. As a matter of fact, I'm the ONLY one with a pad and pen! The 16 year old are playing with their portable playstations. The drunks are passed out.

Little did I know that HALF of the class was going to be about drinking and driving! I'm listening to this guy talk about alcohol abuse for two and a half hours.

I had been out on a drinking bing that week and didn't really need to hear this now. (It was the end of a bad relationship, dammit, I deserved a week of intoxication! Now, I'm in an alcohol lecture geared for teenagers. I'm feeling stupid, guilty, on top of heart-broken......fuck me...just fuck me.....I can't win...)

Anyway, some of the things he said struck me as a little

"If you're going to get drunk and pass out, then make sure that you pass out FACE DOWN. You DON'T want to choke on your own vomit and die."

And me, so studious, I'm writing that down into my notebook...

'pass out....face down.....don't die..."

The next day, I looked at the copious notes that I took and threw the notebook out.

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