Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Heterosexuals are taking over! OMG!

Hey Folks,

I'm taking the night off. More from the heterosexuals of Hudson! They're taking over! OMG! This is from one of my pals.

The Ozone Report: You and Your Environment

movie review:

looked like a dolce & gabbana ad. scottish actors in black undies with stunning painted torsos adorned with red cloaks with gold broaches wielding spears...
what's not to like. ny times reviewer a o scott really missed the beauty of 300 stunning men

on dating: keep the dirt dirty

i recently felt a bit lazy and it was winter so i didn't bother with grooming my underarm hair. and my date was all the happier. loved it in fact. called my pits "woodchucks". so charming. as our next date approached i sent text: don't shower tomorrow.

boy scent is so exciting to us girls don't deny us our just desserts.



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Anonymous said...

Well the time has come, STRAY bar has finally posted an "offical" GAY night. I know, I know we only get Tuesday. But we have to start somewhere and besides the new bar tender Michael is HOT. Do you hear me boys (and those few lady's who may be reading). He is a whole lot of yummy packed in to one hot body. We need to support this venture and show Peggy (the owner of Stray) that gay is where it's at. Give us time and space and we will support her as we did the original owners (you godess you know who you are). Well with that said, get your ass to STRAY bar next Tuesday night! I will work on a deal to get Mike to take an artical of clothing off for every 10 people who come threw the door. So let's see him NUDE....