Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tuesdays are Gay at Stray Bar in Hudson?

Tuesday nights are gay at Stray?

I don't really know, but that's what they tell me.

There's a hot bartender and my sources say a good number of gay boys at Stray last night.

Once we untie our fact-checker, and take the gag out of his mouth, we might be able to confirm the rumor. But until then, it's unofficially gay night. Plus, he doesn't want to be untied...

Tuesdays make it very difficult for us weekender gay boys.

...I mean, do I spend $100 on Amtrak, and four hours on the train, to go to Stray on a Tuesday evening, and back down on early Wed morning to go to work?

The STRAY bartender better be FUCKING HOT!

I want PHOTOS!!

send them to me:

do it!


Anonymous said...

Babydoll - Have I led you astray yet... The new bar tender Michael is bald, tatt'ed and way to sexy for Hudson... He is going to be eaten up in no time, I for one am reserving my place in the buffet line ;-P

Rich said...

"Have I led you A-Stray yet?"...haha!

Yes, the Hudson Buffet line. I've heard it's all you can eat tossed salad...

Or, is that buffet line close to the Hudson "Jesus Christ is our lord and savior" Buffet?

Oy vey!

Aaron said...

who is this michael? will he be a hudson celebutante?can he help taking out thugs who try to annoy dj red light?