Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gay Hudson presents "Ask Big Momma"

GayHudson.com is pleased to announce a new column, "Ask Big Momma", by it's writer and spiritual advisor, Claire. Around the Bliss, Claire is known as Big Momma.

Isabel Sanford
Dear Big Momma -

I live out in Greenport where thing are a little different than the rest of the world. The night before my sister's wedding we had a bachelor party for the groom with all the usual stuff; lots of booze, a loose stripper, and porn. The party was at my trailer where my future brother in law passed out. All the guests finally left about 2am; I stripped down to my birthday suit and jumped into bed.

All of a sudden, I woke up and found my future brother in law sucking my cock!! At first, I jumped up and started yelling "What the fuck you homo get the fuck off of me!!"

He begged me to let him finish, saying he had always found me hot and just wanted to do a guy and swallow some cum before he got married. I have to admit he was giving a mean blow job, still freaked out but with a full hard on I let him finish. He sucked me off. I just closed my eyes and imagined the stripper on the end of my pecker.

He stopped for a moment and I felt something new on my cock, I opened my eyes to find him sitting on my cock. Now half of the 8" shaft up his ass, he begged me to do it. I just laid there not knowing what to do so I figured well it was TIGHT and does feel good. mmm-mmmm.

I grabbed his hips and pulled him down on top of my big hard dick. Not sure if he liked the pain. He slowly started to move around. His movements became more and more snake-like until he was jumping on me like a fucking trampoline. He started to moan loud, and pulling on his rock hard cock when he blew all over my face, in my mouth and up my nose. I was not going to be left out I started bucking and fucking his ass to I get off.

Just before I came, he jumped off my dick. I shot all over my white hairy belly and on the trailer floor. I watched him lick up my spooge.

When we finished we lay there naked side by side, not knowing what to do next I rolled over and kissed him hard on the lips and thanked him.

My question is Big Momma, I love my sister but I think I am in love with her husband now. He avoids me at all costs. But I just want him in my bed again. What should I do?

Keeping it in the family

Dear Keeping it in the family;

You did say you are from Greenport, right. I don't see the problem, isn't this common practice in your neck of the woods? Here in Hudson if you where my brother I would cut your dick off and stick it up your ass for fuckin with Big Momma's man. Consider this a warning, keep
you hands off my husband, George...

Big Momma

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful, how do we go about sending Big Momma questions? Will she have her own colum her on Gayhudson.com? Her own e-mail address so that she can receive our life altering questions? This is just what Hudson needs, a voice of reason.
Given prop's to Big Momma, can I get holla!

Anonymous said...

I laughed my ass off!

Welcome Big Momma to Hudson, I for one certainly look forward to her advise. I am sure her years of hard living and fast men have given her more experience than any college degree could provide.

Anonymous said...

How about fast living and HARD men?

Rich said...

Big Momma is here to stay!

She is going to have a weekly column!

Stay tuned for more blissful advice from our wonderful Hudson goddess.

keep writing!


Anonymous said...

I paid $20.00 for a blow job from Bid Momma about 15 yr's ago. She need money to feed her kids, I must say the best head I have ever had. She did this trick with her lower lip and tounge that drove to to immediate orgasm. But back then she was known as Bambi!

Anonymous said...

Big Momma has sucked dozens of cocks but Big Momma has never gone by the name of BAMBI. You won't see Big Momma with a white tail running threw the woods. Unless of course there is a big black cock waiting for her on the other side.
Love ya and remember to keep your whole clean...
Big Momma

Anonymous said...

Come on Hudson - send all your questiongs to Big Momma.... I have years of experience fucking nasty dog's like yourselves, so keep get your ass moving and let Big Momma work on your problems...
Big Momma