Sunday, April 8, 2007

"The beginning is half of every action."

This is a mish-mosh blog post of my past weekend in Hudson.

Friday, I called the Red Dot and tried to reserve a party of 75, in anticipation of the Flag Day planning meeting.

They said that they couldn't do a reservation that large. Just as well, there ended up being only four of us.

But we now have the Central Planning Committee as well as the Parade Float Sub-Committee and the After Party Sub-Committee.

The " Flag Day After Party" might end up being the " WAY After Flag Day Party" as we try to decide on a good date. But, we will keep you posted. Just read this blog.

The ball is rolling. Saturday morning, I posted information about the Party on this blog, and this weekend, people started contacting us.

Go fucking figure.

Saturday, my friend took me shopping. Every time he comes over to my house in Hudson, I can sense his frustration with me and my lack of interior design skills. I've put the interior decoration part of my house in his capable hands.

I'm a gay man, with a house in Hudson, who hates interior design shit.

HATE IT!!! And all of my friends are interior design queens!

For instance, I've been in my house for six months, and I JUST got my mattress delivered this weekend...BUT, the high speed internet access was in the first week I moved here.

Sunday brunch was at "Le Gamin", the new French bistro in Hudson. A friend of mine stole pink Easter bunny ears from a five year old girl on her way out of church and FORCED me to wear them throughout brunch.

An hour into brunch, I noticed a cute guy a few tables down, checking me out. And I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, I wonder if he's interested?" and then I remembered, "oh, yeah, DUH, I'm wearing these fucking pink bunny ears. He thinks I'm a freak."

Speaking of freaks, I HOPE that there's some circus freaks at the Bindlestiffs Cirkus next weekend. It's 2PM at TSL. It's $5. I'm planning on going.

If anyone is interested in joining, we can make it a outing! Yay!


Maybe we can all meet for drinks after.

The fact checker was disappointed to hear that that the Bindlestiffs DON'T torture animals into performing, like Barnum and Bailey. He still in love with the B&B elephant tamer he hooked up with last weekend after the shows at Madison Square Garden.

Next time you meet our fact checker, ask to see the bullhook marks on his back, I'm sure he'll still be black and blue. The marks are disgusting and fascinating at the same time.

I did have sex with the dog-faced guy from Coney Island once. And let me tell you, the tongue on him! (.....sigh.....) It's great to tell a guy to roll over and they just do it. And a box of milk bones was MUCH cheaper than buying him drinks all night.

Plus, he was house-broken, which puts him a step ahead of some of the winners I've dated lately.

Speaking of winners....

On Easter Sunday, it was hard to find a place to eat in town in the evening. Since I knew my friends were in for the day - and they would NOT see me doing this - I walked to the Grand Hudson Buffet for dinner.

This is a vegetarian at the Grand Hudson Buffet:

"Excuse me, what's in that egg roll?


"And what's in that dumpling?"


"And what's in that puff pastry?"


"And is there any meat in the fried rice?"


For $11.25, I ate eggplant and bananas.

What was I thinking? Usually, there's SOME tofu-like dish at a Chinese food place. I don't think that the sweatpants crowd at the Grand Hudson Buffet does tofu.

This was an actual overheard statement;

"Carol starved herself all day before she came here. She didn't eat breakfast or lunch. This way, she can get up two, three, or FOUR times."

I opened up my fortune cookie. It said:

"The beginning is half of every action."

I'm going to apply that to's Flag Day festivities.

Like my friend said this weekend, "You have to put the energy out there." And sure enough, people are coming out of the Victorian molded woodwork.

Folks, if you're at a party and you're not happy....just don't sit there and complain, start your own damn party!

What's going to be at my party?

Well, not pork.

A dog-faced boy? Maybe. Keep your paws off, he's MINE.



Anonymous said...

"Maybe we can all meet for drinks after."

Wrong answer, CNR.

Correct answer:

"Maybe we can all meet for drinks DURING."

aaron said...

you finally got your matress. i hope the matress boys helped you break it in.

the one good thing about dumb delivery guys.

Anonymous said...

BACK off of JO-JO the dog faced boy, he is the father of Anna-Nichols baby. Besided I love a hairy man.....

Anonymous said...

What do you think CNR has in that "coffee" cup?

I think you should get your factchecker on it.

Maybe HADA can serve it at Winterwalk next year -- looks tasty.