Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ask Big Momma - Food Advice

Isabel Sanford

Dear Big Momma,

I love oral sex but my husband won’t go down, what can I do to get him to please me orally?

Dainty Dish

Dear Dainty:

Baby I am so sorry to hear of your dilemma! Give your man one more chance, wash your kitten real good, don't just wash it SCRUB it girl making sure to get all the sent of tuna out.

Go as far as sprinkling a little vanilla extract on it, making him think he's about to get something real good. Prance your hot little box of love around the room, ensuring he get's a whiff of your hair pie.

When he starts to question what smells so good go over close to him and bend way over, unless your big like momma. (Then hold on to the back of a chair for support, cause if your back goes out you ain't getting that boxed munched on tonight!). Then tell him you have a little snack for, take him big strong hand and rub it up and down your clit, making sure to get a good dose of vanilla! If he doesn't know what to do then..... FUCK HIM!

My girls and I down here in the tower have a saying "Eaten ain't cheatin". Go down to Warren Street and find you a hungry man that has no problem diving into your muff, face first. A man who can go a long stretch without a breath.

Baby Momma has to go, I gettin all hot thinking about it and I have to get to Warren before you.

Good luck!

...and for those who like CHOCOLATE CREAM:


Dear Big Momma,

I LOVE to have my ass eaten. There's this one Hudson boy, he is SO fine, and he can eat me longer than the line at the Grand Hudson Buffet.

Problem is, his boyfriend.

Other than a pick axe and a little "trip" to the Foster Refrigerator factory, how can I get this man to myself?

My parole officer ain't gonna like another offense.

Please help me, Momma....I got an itch to scratch. And his tongue goes in deep...REAL DEEP!

I can't think about him without getting a hard on. Shit, I gotta go now.....

--Eat me in St. Louis

Dear Eat me

Like Big Momma has said in the past "Eaten ain't cheaten"...

Take that boyfriend of his out for a night on the town get him all liquored up. Then go for a walk down behind the tower, my nephew Tyron will take care of the rest. Remember bring cash

Tyron won't take a check!

Then skip like the fabulous Queen you are and open that buffet line...

Baby - Just remember clean your hole... no one like croutons in their ass salad... tell him ain't nobody leaving until the salad is gone!

Happy eaten,
Big Momma

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Anonymous said...


Where is the "recipes" section on this friggin" "GAY" website???

How many times do I have to ask?

Anonymous said...

One part silicone based lube, one large italian sausage, two meaty balls and a tight doughnut hole to pack them all in.