Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Dog Got Gay-Bashed in Hudson

Ok, true story....

It was Monday evening, Memorial Day, I was out walking my dog, and passed through my alley between State and Columbia Streets, around 8 pm.

My dog, a Boston Terrier, wears a pink harness, mostly because I want people to know that she's a girl.

As I'm walking past a group of teenagers, one of them shouts.

"Hey, that dog is GAY. Yo dude, your dog's GAY!"

My dog, her confidence undisturbed, continued walking.
I was shaken.

I'm thinking....leave my dog alone. What the fuck?

I mean, she's a girl, and now she really has no sexual orientation...after the operation and all...

So, I walk back to Warren Street, and there's a cop on a bicycle.

I stop him.

OK - I've been stopped TWICE in this town by the police - once for just walking down the street. Now, I'm asking THEM for help.
I asked him, if he wouldn't mind just riding his bike down my alley....he doesn't have to say anything....just ride through.

I told him that there were a group of teenagers, and they were a little obnoxious, and just bored.

He said to me, "Well, it's not the kids, you know, it's the parents."
I said, "I know, I don't want the kids to know it's me, I don't want you to talk to them, just make your presence known, the kids were being obnoxious and yelling stuff".
He said, "Well, they're just kids. I can't stop them from calling you a NAME."

I said, "It wasn't me. It was my dog. They were calling my dog names."

(This is all true, I mean, I can't even make this up....)

He just looked at me for a second.

"OK," he said, "I'll ride by."

And that's all I know....


Anonymous said...

Those teenagers; future bouncers at STRAY ?
.... ooops, sore subject !

Anonymous said...

LOL - Only you babydoll, only you!