Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wa-hoo of a Weekend...Lady Bunny at Stray Bar May 12th
Live Show with DJ:
May 12 Musty Chiffon presents The Lady Bunny
9pm$20 cover
The Lady Bunny spins after the show

This weekend in Hudson is going to be one big wa-hoo of a weekend.

It may just out-gay last weekend.

On Saturday, there's the 'Out of the Closet' all day town-wide yard sale. It starts at 9am until 5pm. I have nothing. I actually need stuff.

My interior designer noted that his attempts to decorate my house are very challenging. Well, it's ME, actually that's the challenge, since I just don't care about interior design.

He said, "You didn't finish the window treatments I gave you. One has drapes up, the other window doesn't. Do you know what that looks like from the outside? How could you just LEAVE it that way - for weeks!"

You see, folks, I really don't care....have I mentioned how much I hate interior design work?

Considering that three doors down from me, the buildings are abandoned, and in the other direction, there's who-knows-what going on in that house, (the front door is ALWAYS open), is anyone really looking at MY window treatments?

I told him, "I like having the one window bare. That's the window with the red light. I sit in there in the evenings. Pays the mortgage."

Anyway, yes, I will be looking for furniture on Saturday. AND, I'm going to another cocktail party Saturday night.

I don't know...I have no idea why people invite me. I really make no attempt to be friendly.

For instance, I have this video of Lady Bunny. She's at Stray Bar on May 12th. It's going to be fab. You MUST go. If you're gay, then go.

If you're a straight guy who's ever tucked his dick between his legs to see what your hairy ass would look like as a woman, then you should go.

Lady Bunny is amazing, and an inspiration to everyone.

And, yeah, the camera is a little shaky in the video. Ya know, what? If you complain to me about it, then eat my fucking ass, motherfucker.

Why don't YOU find some video of Lady Bunny, encode it, and stream it from your fucking server!

I was 22, and pushing through the crowd at Wigstock.

Anyone has anything negative to say to me, I'm bitch-slapping you. You won't even know it's coming....

You see...I have no idea why people invite me places....or why I have any friends at all....


Anonymous said...

I was, like, when the fuck is the show???

Live Show with DJ:
May 12 Musty Chiffon presents
The Lady Bunny 9pm
$20 cover
The Lady Bunny spins after the show

Stray Bar has a website. Who knew. I mean that, seriously. WHO KNEW.

Anonymous said...

Can we petition Lady Bunny to open a "Bunnyhutch" Bar here in Hudson?
But NOT on Warren please ... somewhere more fun, dicier - with a slight edge of danger - like on State below 4th.

Rich said...

Sorry....I forget....people might actually be using this website for INFORMATION....yes, yes, what a concept.

The fact checker has been all "tied-up" lately....