Friday, June 22, 2007

More Men in Panties

Forget it. Now, I'm obsessed. Sorry if this topic doesn't do it for you. I'm all about it now.

Who would've known, all these years, sex clubs, s/m joints, my dna left in almost every East Village dive bar.... Now, I think the next guy I have sex with is going to have to wear some panties!

Just for fun. Why not? Make him my bitch!

Forget it now, I will probably never get laid in I'm doing so well, anyway....

Or, who knows? Now with the panty idea out there, it could be the deluge I've been waiting for! I could have a line of men in silk undergarmets waiting outside my door in Hudson stretching all the way back to Nantucket, where my house is from!

I found, Which is worth a visit. Or, at least the photo pages

OK, I LOVE these photos!!

It's all about the back hair. LOVE IT!

Yes, I am wearing panties, but I am still a man, here is my penis....yes, it's still there...see?

(deep voice) "Hello. Yes. My name is Bill, but you can call me Bertha." I love it. So, un-self-conscious. I wish that I was that free with my body. Just put on a thong and some stockings. So, what if you're 200-300 pounds? Get out the camera! Post it on the Internet!

And this little punk probably skateboards in those....or he's a hedge fund manager.

This is the sophisticated look, like a secretary on the "Bob Newhart Show". Very Suzanne Pleshette.

Look at this ass, it's hot! I'd love to fuck that "pussy"...

Or, "Mangina".

Or, whatever. I guess it would be like fucking a woman, just without the "woman" part(s). And then, after, the two of you could have a beer together, with the satin panties on the floor.

What do I know? Next week, I'll be into something else....stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

OMG - so many panties so little time! I love the big "girl" in the thong... a very realistic portrait of todays woman. The country is growing after all, let's keep up fellas. Those lesbians are always cutting edge!

Anonymous said...

My manly men only wear La Perla panties - none of this nylon acetate "adult novelty store" shit bought surreptitiously on the sly and stuffed in a brown paper bag in the dashboard of their pick-up for a "no reciprocation lunchtime encounter".

Anonymous said...

Well THANK YOU VERY MUC H for spilling the beans on my La Perla drawer. I thought the comments here were edited. Whatever became of journalistic integrity? This will be all over town by sundown... I won't be able to leave the restroom at the Red Dot without a scarf and dark glasses... the same way I walked in the joint...