Monday, August 20, 2007


People ask me if I like Hudson. I tell them I LOVE Hudson!!!
And I'm not even being sarcastic.....for once.

Across the street from my place in Manhattan, I can buy, 24 hours/day, six different flavors/types of soy milk (vanilla, plain, unsweetened, chocolate, enhanced, and soy 'creamer'), yet you can't find one container of skim milk in Hudson.

Or 2% milk, or a working fax machine/copier, or a plunger.

Forget a gay bar. Forget sex. Just give up on all that. Let it go.

But, what you CAN find in Hudson - are the bald eagles on the river. My friend snapped the photo above of a bald eagle in flight this weekend, while we were on the river, in Miss Trixie's kayaks. It was AMAZING!!

You know it's a eagle when you see it. Their wing span is enormous. You see their white tail and head. They're majestic. The eagles glide in the air.

(Just like the song, "Soar like an eagle....". Go figure.)

And for a brief moment, when you see an eagle, or when you're just out on the water, and it's calm and peaceful, you realize that life is great.

This is it, folks -- this is as good as life gets!! Anything more is just extra.

(Yes, you could have a million dollars, and/or a blow job on the water while you see the eagles, but ya know, let's not get greedy....)

Call it what you will, but here's to this little town of Hudson!
It has to be a special place...the eagles made a nest here.

Sunset over the Hudson River, from the water, Sunday, August 19, 2007.
Photos courtesy of my friend,
"Ms. South of Warren Belle du Jour".


Anonymous said...

"You know it's a eagle when you see it."

Babydoll that ain't an eagle! It's a JetBlue flight out of Newburgh! Can't ya read the banner on the tail -- "Girls drink free tonight at Laura's Kennebunkport Hideaway!"

Anonymous said...

"Ms. South of Warren Belle du Jour" --

Catherine Deneuve? In Hudson? Dressed by Yves Saint-Laurent? A prostitute?

This all sounds as likely as an Hermes store on the Seventh Street park......

Anonymous said...

SoWa's Catherine Deneuve in "Belle du Jour" vs. NoWa's Jane Fonda in "Klute".

Gentlemen, place your bets.