Friday, August 3, 2007

Miss Trixie's Kayak Adventure

OK - This is true....

I'm getting my second kayak this weekend, and starting NEXT weekend, August 11 -12, I'm going to start renting out the kayaks and walking folks down to the water, and putting them in.

It's going to be called,

"Miss Trixie's Kayak Adventure"

This is the deal:

There are two kayaks, like the one above. Each kayak holds one person and there's a water-proof storage compartment.

You each get a life jacket so you don't die, and a paddle, don't break them on your ass.

The water's really easy and calm. I tell people, they have to be a major spaz to tip over.

("spaz", I know, SO Long Island 1987....)

It'll cost $10/person ($10/kayak) per hour - three hour minimum.

So, two people out on the water for three hours will cost $60.


You come North of Warren, sign a release form, leave your driver's license, we walk down to the water, give you a five minute lesson, and you're off. Clock starts when you're in the water. It takes about fifteen minutes from my house to the water.

Appointments are whenever I feel like it. You'll have to check the website.

I'm going to set up a separate website and there will be a link from here - the infamous

This way, you bed and breakfast folks can give them a "SAFE" website address. They won't have to go to We don't want to scare the tourists into thinking that there's a WWI trench-warefare battle on Warren Street or that you can get a blow job in the park. decide if you want to tell them about the blow jobs. Maybe if they're cute....

That's the deal.

Cash, in advance. Miss Trixie wouldn't have it any other way....

(Miss Trixie's Kayak Adventure is currently under legal review....dates to be determined).


Anonymous said...

How does one get in touch with this Miss Trixie? Does she supply life vest?

Rich said...

hi --

Sorry, having some font issues before....

Hopefully, your questions are answered

Anonymous said...

Does Miss Trixie roll over?

Rich said...


But Miss Trixie's paddling lessons are extra.

Anonymous said...

No life vest, no.

Inflatable capri pants.

Anonymous said...

"Miss Trixie's Kayak Adventure."

Is that a video?

Sounds hot.

I love watersports.

Anonymous said...

Nice kayak.

You planning to sit on it at the next Black Party?

Anonymous said...

How's this: What if you put the kayak business in Cookie's name... then you'd be free and clear in the event of any legal problems, right?