Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Favorite Hudson Manhole.....

You probably think that Agnes is the cat's meow.....

Well, sometimes, she's great, and supplies with the latest in Hudson news, politics, and history.

But, sometimes she's just an annoying old, dried-up whore. How she survives on the cigarettes and scratch off lottery tickets we give her as salary is anyone's guess.

Oh yeah...there's the dvd distribution income from the "Grandma's a Whore!" series. I forgot.

Download a clip or two here. It's either Agnes or one of her mahjong partners.

I think that they "shot" one video on the island between Hudson and Athens.

The guys are actually really hot.

Agnes gets it on

Agnes gets more

Here she is with the Latino gardeners

She's such an old whore.

Agnes is ALWAYS complaining!! "Why aren't there more photos of Hudson?!"

I usually say, "Shut the fuck up, bitch." Then, I slap her.

This time, she was more annoying. So, I pulled out a photo of my favorite Hudson manhole....cover, that is.



Anonymous said...

Hey Richie where's the link to

You said you were going to post a link to for me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Richie who told you I was born in 1931??? That Bard dyke who works at the Spotty Frog? Or the weird chick at Food Dot? Or the foreigner guy who won't shut up that says there's an Ermes shop opening in Hudson... When I find out who it was I'm gonna cut 'em...


Anonymous said...

Hey Richie did I tell you I got to drink all night last night for free at Clermont? It was "Steamboat Days" there. I told the clueless artsy fartsy college chick behind the bar that I was there when the first steamboat was launched.

Miss Agnes(to you!)

Anonymous said...

"I usually say, "Shut the fuck up, bitch." Then, I slap her."

Oh. I thought you were sayin' "Find me more muck," Richie honey. I'm sorry if I was buggin' you.

Can I have another Kool please?


Anonymous said...

THAT'S your favorite manhole cover in Hudson? You mean you prefer it to the one on Partition Street that says "rectum"?

Anonymous said...

"Oh yeah...there's the dvd distribution income from the "Grandma's a Whore!" series."

I was in the check cashing line behind her (don't ask) at WalMart one day...


aaron said...

im going to throw up.