Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What are you doing this weekend, Gay Hudson?

Hello Hudson boys,

OK, get out your schedule. What are you doing this weekend?

First of all, there's the Mike for Mayor Party at the Basilica, 100 S Front Street from 3-6 this Saturday, the 25th. You can meet the candidate, there's food/drinks, music. Is anyone going?

Ok, let me re-phrase that...

Is anyone GAY going?

(I know, that comment is much to the chagrin of my hetero readers...or readER....well, the site is called GayHudson...)

I'm trying to get people to go and talk to candidate Mike, and have him address OUR issues!


The lack of single gay men.
Alcoholism/drug addiction
Fat tourists in horizontal stripes. They should be banned!

What are some of our other issues? Please comment!

And then there's this boat cruise on Saturday night.


I've heard that Troy boys are easy. They're even more desperate than Albany boys.

(I really have no idea why people still live in these towns.....someone tried explaining it to me, I still don't get it.)

So, I'm thinking about it. I'm still such a Manhattanite, I still don't have a driver's license, so I need to bum a ride, if anyone's going.

Gas, grass, or ass...

yeah, we'll talk...

I don't know.....they're just ideas. I can only kayak for so many hours.

And working on my house? ...ugh...boring.

Email me. Make it happen...


my Rich@GayHudson.com email address was not forwarding....sorry...please email again to:Rich@BigGayApple.com


Anonymous said...

"What are some of our other issues?"


Anonymous said...

Issue: Hudson needs a supermarket (that doesn't sell antiques) and a Western Beef and Foie Gras outlet.

Anonymous said...

Hudson residents demand a town gloryhole revitalization plan!

Anonymous said...

Hudson needs a discount lube superstore on Fairview Avenue!