Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Debate Night

Hi folks,

I know that the primary vote already happened, but I'm still recapping this past weekend!

Here's a photo from last Friday, debate night, at Hudson's Elementary School.

If you went, what did you think of the Hudson debates?

If you want my commentary, I have to admit that Mike O'Hara was steady and even throughout the evening. Linda started off well, but didn't end well. If you want passion, then Linda is your gal. She has done amazing work in this town, and it's not to be undervalued.

You know what, for now, let's forget about the issues. We can leave that to my friends at the Register-Star. Instead, let's talk about imagery.

At one point, talking about the youth of town, Mike told the story of how he keeps a little makeshift bike repair shop on Warren St. The neighborhood kids can come by, put air in their tires, tighten a screw, or hammer a nail...whatever you do to bicycles, like I know.

(When he teaches these neighborhood kids to fix a leaky roof, have them come over to my house! I can't get a contractor to show up!)

The small town bike repair guy. It's a nice, pleasant image. Sweet.

Now, I forget the question...but Linda told the story of how she got kicked in the head by a horse on a farm, and saw stars.

Not a pleasant image, no matter how you think about it.

I'm no Candy Crowley, (in some of these photos, I'm no Twiggy either....) but if I was going to offer my political advice, I would say....ya know what, leave out the "kicked-in- the-head-by- a-horse" story...

Happy Happy Up Up, right?

And for the record....I wasn't the only one in the room wearing a wig....


Anonymous said...

Amazingly, the story about getting kicked in the head by a horse, was in response to what her biggest compromise in life was. It's true folks.

Anonymous said...

Yo, that baby is definitely sportin' a republican combover...

Agnes said...

Props to the League of Women Bowlers for settin' this debate up -- they're a great buncha gals.

Anonymous said...

I love that baby! "YOU'RE FIRED!"