Monday, September 10, 2007

"I'll have to see what happens..."

"Trixie Starr", Hudson's Investigative Reporter

Don't complain later if you don't get involved now. That's my new slogan.
This past weekend, I handed out five voter registration forms to "weekenders" who are still registered in Manhattan/Jersey City.
Fill out those forms and mail them! Your vote counts! The Mayoral election in Hudson is won/lost by about 25 votes. Weekenders need to get registered in Hudson! Especially the gay weekenders!
C'mon girls - get it together!! We can do it!
(Yes, you can only vote in one place, but in Hudson your vote really counts!)
Sunday afternoon, I went to the "Linda Mussman for Mayor" question and answer session.
Linda is very knowledgeable about the issues.
When asked about St. Laurence Cement and the waterfront, she said that she has "Nothing to gain. St. Laurence has nothing to do with me or TSL, or anything I own or do."
Yeah, I know St. Laurence Cement owns the land on the waterfront, but....
Does the town of East Hampton have a cement plant on the beach?
No. Cement is the past.
Tourism and a service industry economy is the future.
This is the issue, folks. After attending the Mike O'Hara and the Linda Mussman question and answer sessions, I have yet to hear the candidates give a clear vision of the future of Hudson. Yes, they do address the current problems; the police force, the Butterworth house, the lack of single gay men (well, ok, maybe not the last issue..)
But I do not hear a vision for the future.
And if I don't hear it (and I'm going to these sessions) then I know that no one else is hearing it.
Hudson lacks some basic services and ways for tourists to spend money:
1. Decent, dependable, inexpensive, (dog-friendly), train service to and from the city. There's a fast train I hear about, but I don't know where that's at, at what stage? Someone please tell me.
2. Services by the waterfront. The boats stop, but where can they spend money? The Half Moon? They buy coffee at the train station.
3. Stores: There's no food store (although there's a plan for a food co-op, and I'm still digging up that data...hey, I never said I was a good investigative reporter...). The hardware store is closed on Sundays, and does not keep things in stock. We have to go to Greenport for shopping.
4. Hotel space.
Someone at the Linda Mussman meeting stated that there's a meeting space in Hudson, but they have to put the people up in Rhinebeck because there's not enough rooms available in Hudson.
The Pocketbook Factory is closed.
The Button Factory is closed.
(The Sound Factory is closed, and they had such a great dance space...)
All of these factories are closing, and they are not coming back, folks. They are in China now.
The future of Hudson is tourism and a service-based economy of Mom and Pop, (or Pop and Pop and Mom and Mom) retailers. NOT WALMART!
Do we need government grants to get business to come here? We already have an economic "Empire Zone." What has it done?
(If it helps, I'd make my ass an "Empire Zone" and see if it improves my sex life...)
Hudson has beauty. When tourists come, we need good, quality, services for them.
On a different issue, when I asked Linda,
"Let's say, you lose the Democratic primary, will you step down and support the Democratic candidate?"
Her response was, "I'll have to see what happens..."
Remember, she's running on her own party line, the Bottom Line Party as well....(Oh, I could make a 'bottom' joke here, but it's too easy...)
And that sums it up.
We'll have to see what happens.
Meanwhile, get involved, go to the meetings, register to vote.
It's your town, too!!


Anonymous said...

If I'm a weekender and truly registered to vote in Manhattan, can I really register to vote for Mayor in Hudson.

I would if I could...

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, "truly registered" is your choice when it comes to voting in NYState. If you have two addresses/residences, you get to choose which one you at which to vote. This is regardless of which address is your legal residence, tax residence, whatever. The reason people are adamant about re-registering to vote in Hudson is that your vote means so much more -- like to Kirsten Gillibrand, who somehow doesn't seem to think that her election was an anti-war-on-terrorism mandate, which many Hudsonites did. It's so easy to contact her Warren Street office and register your displeasure, which may help make a difference.

So you can't vote for mayor of NYC again if your reregister in Hudson, or vote on local NYC issues -- but your vote for mayor of Hudson is much more likely to actually impact your life and future.

Anonymous said...

Barbie looks FABULOUS. She must have gotten that outfit at Five & Diamond.

North Fifth Street said...
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Anonymous said...

The cannonball factory is closed.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Sunday Times article on the business of rehab in Malibu? Maybe Hudson could become the rehab center of the Northeast.

Anonymous said...

Come down out of the tower Cinderella, Hudson is so last year. The writting is on the wall, the town is on it's way back DOWN!

Anonymous said...

"If it helps, I'd make my ass an 'Empire Zone'..."

My Dear Miss Starr,

The term "Empire", like many of the expressions used to denote period styles in America, generates confusion. This is partly due to the still considerable need in American art history for a substantive study of neoclassicism and its influence on American culture.

Although one BOOB Associate Member has recently called the term "Empire Style" a misnomer because of its Napoleonic overtones, it remains, nevertheless, one of the best words to describe the complexities of the neoclassical style in American furniture, from the War of 1812 through the age of Andrew Jackson.

The formative period for the Empire Style in America was the time of Thomas Jefferson's two terms in office, 1800-1808 - and in the official BOOB Founder's Handbook it is identified specifically as the period of Classical America, 1815-1845.

"If it helps, I'd make my ass an 'Empire Zone'..."

Hardy har har har har.

Yours respectfully,

Miss Priss
Hudson BOOB

Agnes said...

"...the town is on it's way back DOWN!"

I for one can't wait. Seriously, I can't wait for Hudson to go back down.

The town was a blast before all the racketeering and prostitution was "shut down" (wink wink) in the 1950's.

Now a girl can't even find a place to hang out on a Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Zanarchistichelli bus could be converted to a party bus... they could put bars on the trolleys... then people might actually ride them... charge a cover... create a tax base for civic improvement...

Anonymous said...

Hey Trixie... are you reporting or RUNNING?

Anonymous said...

I wish Yves Saint Laurent Cement would take over the waterfront, and make it truly glamorous...

Anonymous said...

"Let's say, you lose the Democratic primary, will you step down and support the Democratic candidate?"
Her response was, "I'll have to see what happens..."