Monday, September 17, 2007

It's really up to us....

We met the Mayoral candidate last night, Mike O'Hara. And THANK YOU to my co-sponsors Vince and Victor!!! Thanks to Vince for letting us use the fabulous Tin Ballroom and thanks to Victor for putting it all together!

My impression is that O'Hara's a nice guy, a corporate manager, someone who can actually get things done.

When asked about gay marriage in New York State - in my opinion, there's really not THAT much he can do about it, the Mayor of New Paltz already tried - but O'Hara did mention that it would be nice if Hudson became a gay and lesbian marriage town, like Provincetown, if gay marriage got some recognition in the state of New York.

I'll take that.

That's an EXCELLENT business for Hudson! Perfect, if you ask me. Let's be the gay marriage town of New York State! Love it! That's a real business idea - it's not, "let's give a company tax credit to build some lame-o factory that's going to be obsolete in three years" idea.

Or, "let's put up a 'We want your business in Hudson' sign on 9G". A sign ain't gonna cut it, folks.

Unfortunately, the last two are some other ideas I've heard....ugh...we need to think BIGGER!!

That's really the problem, folks -- too much of a small town, focused on small town gossip, "he said/she said" bullshit, and egos out of control.

(And that's ME complaining about egos out of control....hello.)

And another big problem in Hudson is no accounting books!!!

Like, there's no books. No accountability, no books and records. We're lucky to have physical ledger books in Hudson, from what I understand. Forget Excel spreadsheets.

(And I know that this is "true" because I confirmed with my cab driver this morning. I get my "real" Hudson info from my cab drivers. They've lived in the town for years, they know everything. How much does a one bedroom rent? They know. The cab driver knew there's no accountability in Hudson.)

There's other problems, like, the only maps of the Hudson sewer system are all hard copy and they're all in one place. God forbid there's a fire!

It's like Hudson's records are as old and falling apart as some of its houses!

For us corporate gals, all of this is ridiculous! We understand the purpose of mulitple copies, hard and soft, and back up servers.

(...and for those of you who REALLY know Trixie, you'll know that I'm a bored, glorified Wall Street technology accounting consultant. I laugh at companies that still do their reconciliations on Excel spreadsheets! Excel - hah! What a joke!)

Anyway, what's the purpose of this post?

A couple of weeks ago, while I was walking my dog, I dropped off some voter registration forms to a gay couple I met at the Red Dot.

This morning I got an email:

"Hi – nice meeting you a few weekends back at the Red Dot. Thank you for the ballots and note. We are now both registered to vote in Hudson. I think your post today was 100% right-on. We don’t need Gov’t grants. And Gov’t Grants certainly won’t help make Hudson the most fabulous destination possible! Sorry we are missing the Tin Room event, but alas, our jobs keep us in NYC. We want to get involved. Please let us know what we can do to help."

And that's why I do this.

The wigs are hot. I can't do makeup. My white stockings were falling all through the debate, rolling down over my "plus-size" thighs.

But, I love Hudson, so, it's worth it.

Things aren't going to change until, good, every day people get involved.

We have the talent, we just have to organize it.

Honestly, I don't know what's the first thing to do.....or where to start....

But, I can reconcile a checking account - and I know Excel.


dan in hudson said...

Dear Trixie,

I think your sporty look was flawless at the tin ballroom last night! Nothing says vote for the white guy standing next to the candelabra quite like vintage Lacoste.

Thanks. Dan

p.s. And thanks for a swell party, too!

Anonymous said...

I think the idea of Hudson as a wedding destination - not just a gay wedding destination - but transgender wedding, pet, robot, straight, etc. is excellent.

First, the Plaza Hotel ballroom is still closed,

And Hudson is a trainride away for Manhattan guests, has plenty of fancy-ass chiurches, rooms for receptions, and places to shop for last-,imute wedding gifts.

All that's missing is event planners, caterers, bartenders, limos, florists, etc. but that's all doable.

But then thene's the honeymoon suite at the St. Chatles Hotel to consider... maybe the new mayor can condemn it...

Rich said...

Thanks, folks!


Thanks to Victor and Vince. They are both DOLLS! The event would not have happened without them.

They are the best! I love them!

Tomorrow's post will have photos.

Anonymous said...

You know Excel? The hot stirpper ar Escuelita? Bring him to Hudson!

Anonymous said...

What was Sally Field doing at the Farmers' Market? She's all over the place these days. PS: she spelt "onion" wrong.

Anonymous said...

Think global: how about a "We want your business in Hudson" sign carved into a cornfield in Stockport? Visible to passengers on planes flying to China!!!

You're right, it's gotta start local, grass roots... I say a "We want your business in Hudson" ad in the escort section in the back of HX.

Anonymous said...

Today's the day to VOTE in the primary! Hey Trixie, which wig will you be wearing?

Anonymous said...

Go to the polls NOW. Wear sensible shoes. Mary Janes.

Anonymous said...

"...and another big problem in Hudson is no accounting books!!!"

LOL... There's no books in the Hudson Library either...

Anonymous said...


Marriage is for Fags.

Anonymous said...

Trixie, did you give Mike a t-shirt? Is he wearing it? Where are the pix?