Friday, September 21, 2007

Surrender Linda!!

Linda Mussman just announced it this afternoon.

You can read the article by clicking the link above.

Linda did not concede the Democratic candidacy. She's running on her own line, the Bottom Line (whatever...), making it a three-way race between herself, Mike O'Hara and Scalera.

Which is exactly what "Republican" Scalera wants - to split the Democratic party.

Thanks alot, Linda.

Linda could have easily won the race for Alderperson of the 4th Ward, and been on the Common Council. But, what? Common Council's not enough?

As a newcomer, I just see this now as an ego trip. sympathy.

We have our work cut out for us now, folks.


North Fifth Street said...

The special "Surrender Dorothy" effect was achieved by using a hypodermic needle, spreading black ink across the bottom of a glass tank filled with tinted water.

More thought went into achieving that screen moment than... (edited by blog commenter)

Anonymous said...

No, the Common Council's not enough... it's just, well, too common...

Dynasties, nobilities, ROYALTIES... even a minor dictatorship... that gets me going...

Miss Priss

Anonymous said...

Hey, is it really that easy to start a party in Hudson? I mean, can I place myself on the ballot as a Libocrat? Or a Homopublican?

Anonymous said...

"Ego trip"???

Over that, I'd call it "Fantasy Island".

Anonymous said...

"Libocrat?" "Homopublican?" If you're truly planning on a vacillating campaign, register as a Indepesbian.