Friday, October 5, 2007

Linda Mussmann Responds????

Linda's bringing Hudson down!

I know what you're thinking...

"Trixie, give it a rest already!"

No. Keep the pressure on -- until Linda steps out!

This is a big election in this town.

And Linda "Ralph Nader" Mussmann is going to give us more of the old ways....

The last two blog posts, the "Smut" and "White Rabbit" posts have been based upon the following comment I received by "Anonymous":

"But HUDSON is so full of good material, there is a mess on every corner both South and North of Warren. Along with those who think there so well structured, but lets just say - Hmm their foundation has major cracks and are in great need of major repair (physically and mentally). Not to mention those who still continue to throw stones even though there glass houses are starting to crack and fall down around them. Watch your back folks, you could be the next butt of all jokes here on the GAYHUDSON.COM smut rag! Friends in Hudson are few and far between..."

I gave the comment to Agnes to see if she can determine WHO wrote it.

Agnes believes that Linda Mussmann herself wrote it.

We don't really know for sure.

Following is the "logic" that Agnes used to determine if Ms. Mussmann was the writer:

  1. There are fifteen letters in both names "Abraham Lincoln" and "Linda Mussmann"
  2. Typos in the post that match up exactly to her TSL blog
  3. Herbal tea stains on the keyboard (chamomile mixed with fennel and nettle -- only available at Verdigris)
  4. A giant Monistat motor oil stain on the north side of the 300 block of State Street leading to Verdigris
  5. Tippy's undercover work with the cats on Rope Alley
  6. The only person that likes Linda Mussmann is Linda Mussmann
  7. Mrs. Peacock with a Wrench in the Library
  8. A run on chewing tobacco at Tam's Deli
  9. Phrases in the comment that match up to Radclyffe's Hall's "The Well of Loneliness"
  10. Mrs. Lincoln liked bananas. Ms. Mussmann went bananas.

I gave Agnes five scratch off lottery tickets for her efforts.


Linda is giving an "Eat-a-Dead-Animal" BBQ this Sunday at the Rock Solid Church, October 6th, 201 State Street, a t 2PM.

A politically correct lesbian would be vegan, thank you.

Linda thinks she's the voice of the 2nd Ward? She's splitting the democratic vote, which may result in a Republican victory. What would happen to the 2nd Ward if Scalera is elected? Linda could serve the people of the 2nd ward better by working WITH the democrats.

But no, she has to be's HER turn, remember....ugh....

OK, enough for today. Watch this, it's hilarious!!

Who told Bette she could sing?

Thanks to Agnes for this, too! The old whore's been busy this week!


Anonymous said...

Mussmann has this “Fight 'til she sinks and don't give up the ship” revolutionary war mentality… but she’s not the captain… she hasn’t been elected to anything… Hudson isn’t sinking YET, but she just might be the one who takes it down, down, down…

Agnes said...

Bette ain't exactly no Cyd Charisse either aither... mebbe she shouldn't exactly be tryin' to dance. You didn't here it from me though.

Anonymous said...

Aggie, don't worry about insulting Bette, she's been dead since 1989.

North Fifth Street said...

Staying in the race seems like plain personal desperation.

TV series Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry says the idea for the series was born as he and his mom were watching a news report on Andrea Yates, the mother of five convicted for drowning her children. Cherry said he was incapable of understanding what would cause someone to kill their own children; Cherry's mother told him "I've been there."

The thought that "a perfectly sane, rational, educated person who could have any life she wanted, like having a career, or being a housewife and mother ... can still have moments of complete insanity" had Cherry's imagination starting, and eventually he had formed an idea of a possible television show, naming it Desperate Housewives.


Checking in here from North Wisteria Lane in Hudson.

North Fifth Street said...

PS: The set for “Wisteria Lane” on the Universal backlot was also used in “The Best Little Whorehouse” – a direct Hudson link!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Miss Starr,

Why oh why must you use common references to barehanded fisticuffs in your lovely blog? So unnecessary. Us ladies must uphold the standards of online decorum here in Hudson. As I sit here in my lovely chintz-appointed Union Street sunroom at my rose Smith Corona portable, I wear supple ivory kid gauntlets as my fingers skip over the keyboard. I wouldn't dream of removing my gloves as I type out baseless attacks on my neighbors' begonia beds and draperies and hors d'ouerves in my daily letters to the editrix of the Register-Star. Please set yourself as a shining beacon for the lofty standards of our community -- just toss Madame Mussmann in a body bag along with a lot of bricks and dump her in the river and be done with it.

Yours truly,

Miss Priss

Agnes said...

1989??? Sheesh I don't remembre a lotta that year, that's the year I took the OPera House poetry class and rote that song that Amy Winehouse just made sucha big hit outta

Anonymous said...

Most Americans think that "majority rule" means that the winner of a political office should be supported by a majority of the voters. But that might not happen in this Hudson mayoral election.

"Spoilers" are candidates who cannot win themselves, but who get enough votes to throw the election to some other candidate who is favored by a minority. It also "spoils" the better debate we would have with more attention paid to worthy candidacies. This also means that a majority of voters may dislike the eventual winner.

It's always a potential issue, but rarely is it so obvious as this year when the third party candidate threatens to spoil the election where the two major candidates are fairly neck and neck. This means that the majority of voters may split their vote between two candidates, and fewer than half of the votes may choose the next mayor of Hudson. That is not fair, and it's not democratic!

Anonymous said...

you should all get over yourselves...
none of you have been in hudson that long
and it is always interesting to see the frenzy of the "newcomers" rally around political figures that they know nothing about. four years ago linda was the second coming of christ. the one who was going to fix hudson. unfortunately she did not win
rick scelera won and retained his position,
the only reason that rick did not win the last race against dick tracey was because he did not run.
the "new regime" that has all the answers had a chance by getting dick and rob elected, and they fucked it up.
linda is being black listed becasue she is actually speaking to SLC about working together to build the waterfront. Well...guess what kids...SLC owns the waterfront, so you pretty much have to talk with them at some point. It's called business, so all of you who are standing on your never-give-in soapboxes, should probably get down off of them, put down your cocktails, sober up and get to work bringing the community together. Linda is not the one dividing the community, you are. Do you all forget that there was an entire city of people here long before ANY of the newbies came along? I believe you all want to simply block it out that there are "others" in this town.

My prediction, Rick is going to win, and you can all keep on your futile quest for change, because you don't actually want change that is inclusive of EVERYONE, just change that includes those that agree with you.

So...good night...and good luck...

PS...people with bad hair and that don't look that good in drag, should not throw stones by posting others high school pictures. I am sure we all have photos from our past that we would like to forget...and actually, I think Linda rocks that big're just jealous that you can make that happen atop your own head....

Anonymous said...

Can I just boil that last post down here? Here's my armchair analysis:

OK, "oldtimers" don't care about the future (whatever) and vote for Scalera 'cause it sounds like Yogi Berra...

"Newcomers" don't count in the Hudson political process because they're "new" (whatever.)

Having grown up on California, where EVERYONE is new, I don't quite get that concept -- must be an upstate "let the ship sink, we're on the top deck" theory... well guess what, this is the U.S., we all have an equal vote. Brush up on your social studies. People who make the CHOICE to move to Hudson (as opposed to being abandoned here by the state or their own lethargic immobility) care about the town, too.

Abridged: We're fucked anyways! Why vote? Meet me at Melino's Pub to watch the game instead!