Friday, October 12, 2007

Glory Daze!

Hey Kiddos!

No you don't getta hottie blue jeans Bruce Springsteen song with this one. Just Aggie and Fredericka in our glory. Those were the daze in Hudson.

I was pickin' up butts behind the high school the other day and aye heard some kidz talkin about political cooperation between senate members... I think I heard Larry Craig's name.... They were all cribbin there social studeez homework or sumtin and they all pulled up their pants and ran away when they saw me.

This is me an Fredericka at the Elks Lodge on Fish 'n Game Road in '67... she was "fish", and I was game!

Fredericka's the one who had the idea of the "sister act" we did, though I hadda dye my hare to match her natural blond. God we had fun! We rehearsed and rehearsed this number for daze, me an Fredericka. We did it once at the Opera House Bennafit in long silky gowns, and then once at the Elks for posteriority and got caught on Super 8 by Oliver Bronson. Musta been one a his bratz who put it on Yoo-Toob, though this ain't really a Yoo-Toob its really a Me-Toob! A Boob-Toob!!! HA HA HA!

Freddie had a real way with polticial cooperation .... a special talent you might say..... lawyers, polliticians, dignitarries all really liked her... She used to say she was related to the queen a England, an that musta been where she got her protoecall skills.

I think the Claverack mayors wife ended up havin to buy Fredericka a bus ticket outta town - to Catskill. Last I heard she was workin the fish fry joint in the marina an livin inna big yellow trailer in Athens.

Catskill was nice in those daze, we'd take the farry over ther onna nice afternoon before a big nights work. Nonna that bonnie butch stuff you find there today. Thay called it "The Hudson of the West" beofre they built the bridge there you know. I think it was all the Ripped van Twinkle reputation that ruined it.

What were we talkin’ about again?


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Anonymous said...

wow who knew Patty and Selma could DANCE like that

Agnes said...

That ain't very nice...

Anonymous said...

Patty and Selma BOUVIER???

Anonymous said...


Bueno dame chanza de aprenderme la coreografĂ­a! ahhahahahahahahaa

Anonymous said...


Honey, well it’s been awhile hasn’t it.

There were a couple of “farries” in on Saturday night, and they mentioned you were blogging! Congratulations. I don’t know what blogging is but I know the personal service industry has changed a lot since I left Diamond Street. Is it like frottage?

I’m working at Sirènes, the little clamshack at the Catskill Marina. Tips are OK (not like the old days), and the work isn’t hard (not like the old days), though I could do with out the late nights. I prefer the lunch shift, especially when it’s nice weather out.

Yeah Catskill and Athens have their rough edges but it’s sure to going to be as ritzy as Hudson in a couple of years I swear -- (I’m a member of the Greene County Sacred Center, I don’t swear like I used to! Not like the old days.)

Yeah, Ashton and I are happy. I still get up to do a little “choreography” in our “ballroom” here in the Blissview Mobile Estates in Athens. I’ve got some of those old costumes in a Samsonite, put on some LPs, and I can still get a rise out of Ashton. The neighbors here don’t complain at all, not like the old days. Honey, well it’s been awhile hasn’t it. Be well.

Sincerely yours,