Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's Muffy's TURN!

"Lesbian Lovers, part 16" CLICK on this link for MORE girl on girl action!

Let me introduce myself -- I'm Miss Muffy Diver of Robinson Street!

I know that people are bored with the whole mayoral thingy, but I just wanted to let you see my dear, hot, friend, Dick Tracy in the CherryBoxxx production of "Don't Mess with Tex-Ass".

Of course "Dick Tracy" is a porn star! Why do you look surprised? Is there another Dick Tracy?

Here are some of his finest works:



Also today, I wanted to bring you a few selections from my dear, close friend Bridget the Midget Powerz in one of her videos, "Double Midgetation".

It's the best "midgets from outer space sex video" you'll ever find!

Watch a few clips here!

Bridget the Midget Powerz in "Double Midgetation"

Other than that, I just wanted to let you all know that Miss Muffy is here to answer ALL your Hudson-related lesbian sex questions.

Just email me.



LuvTheGrrrls said...

OK Muffy I'm confused. I'm a well traveled open minded fag with lots of dyke girlfriends. Almost all of them watch and are into gay male porn. That makes sense I guess...straight guys like lesbo porn so dykes like fag porn. I get that (kind of). But my girlfriends have also adopted top and bottom roles similar to gay men. It a little hard to understand tho because a)the equipment involved doesn't really lend itself to traditional insertive/receptive roles and b)the classic stereotypes butch = top femme = bottom seem to not apply. Bulldykes are bottoms, femmes are tops. My question is could a big bully like Linda Mussmann really be a bottom?

Miss Muffy Diver said...

"I'm in CONTROL all day!"
"I'm in CONTROL all day!"
"I just need to let go at night!"

I've heard it before.

Bossy Bottoms.

But, you need to keep your bottom in line. When she gets out of hand, you slap her back in place.

Linda's party is "The BOTTOM LINE Party."

A cry for help.