Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's my turn?

Was Linda Mussmann trying to act like Diana Ross?

A couple of people said to me last night,

"Rich, maybe you're taking Linda Mussmann's chanting out of context. When she chanted, 'It's MY turn! It's MY turn!', maybe she meant it in a Diana Ross kinda way?"


Linda Mussmann was not acting like Diana Ross, she was acting like Mussolini.


I know the difference between my divas and my dictators, thank you.

Last night, at the TSL Supper (funny how that supper happens during election time, huh?), someone yelled out "Mussmann for Mayor!"

Later in the evening, the men from Albany's Abby Normal Psychiatric Institute found the man and took him back to his room....

When Linda says she has the support of the 2nd and 4th WARDS, these are the wards she's talking about! The PSYCHIATRIC WARDS - not the Hudson wards!

Don't let Linda confuse you, folks.....

Once you understand THAT, it makes more sense, right? Who else in their RIGHT MIND would support Linda Mussmann, the losing candidate? How many times has she lost?

Separate topic:

Last night's closing party of Stray Bar was fabulous! The bar will re-open in a week or two, under new management, and it will be great.

Happy Happy Up Up.

My friends and I headed up to Albany to go to Aaron Tanner's fetish night at ROCKS.

That's why I travel almost three hours to go to Hudson from Manhattan, so that I can travel another half hour to go to Albany to go to a party by a promoter who primarily promotes at bars in New York, just a few blocks from my East Village apartment.


I picked up a come rag, which is great, now all I need is a man to come in it.

Actually, I have SO many website come rags at home...BadPuppy, Bang Bus, Men on the Net. I have an assortment.

And usually, after they come, I run the come rag under some warm water, wring it out, and hand it to them. Yes, having sex with me is like eating at a Japanese restaurant, just without the raw fish.

The party at ROCKS was fun, we got there a little late, but I can see returning to Albany in the future, especially now that it's getting cold and there'll be lots of snow.


Remind me again, why didn't I buy a place in Lauderdale?

I'm sure there's a lot of people in town now wondering WHY I didn't as well.

.....yeah, well, fuck you, too.


Happy Happy Up Up. White light, Rich white light...

And that's how we're going to end this blog post, on a HAPPY note.

If only it really WERE Diana Ross running for Mayor of Hudson. It would be such an easy choice.

(thank you to all my friends, who help keep me SANE.....barely)


Anonymous said...


"When Linda says she has the support of the 2nd and 4th WARDS, these are the wards she's talking about! The PSYCHIATRIC WARDS - not the Hudson wards!"


Great post!

Anonymous said...

I'm sensing a Linda Mussmann cover of "Love Hangover"


I think you should take all the cum rags and make a quilt! If you use them prior to quilting, it would be like a memory box as well. Oh the memories

Anonymous said...

"Igor, would you mind telling me whose brain I did put in?"
"And you won't be angry?"
"I will NOT be angry."
"Abby someone."
"Abby someone. Abby who?"
"Abby Normal."
"Abby Normal?"
"I'm almost sure that was the name."

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you get a place in Ft. Lauderdale? Possibly - because of their anti-gay mayor?

Defiant Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Risks Tourism for Anti-gay Views

Anonymous said...

LOL... speaking of "Young Frankenstein", it's in previews now, opening Nov. 8...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that photo of Michael Jackson is hot. When did he start wearing so much eye makeup?

Anonymous said...

To My Fans At GayHudson.Com:

I would like to thank you for the beautiful cards, photographs, messages, videos, and gifts sent to me on my birthday. I was overwhelmed especially by the coffee mug. Your continued love and support means so much to me. I really love and appreciate you all… from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve been really busy lately. Hopefully, you’ve all seen the results of my recent photo shoot with L’Uomo Vogue.

Please know again, that I love and appreciate every one of you, and send you my heartfelt thanks and warm wishes.

Sincerely, Michael Jackson

Agnes said...

Heh heh heh. Cloris Leachman. Frau Blücher.

She was just plain old Phyllis Lindstrom then. Met her in '55 I think, at this joint called "On The Rocks" in Albany. She was just startin out, and I wanted to kinda show her the ropes you know. What a rack on that broad... 37-21-34.

So I created this character Frau Blücher, this, like, fictional madam, relocated from Berlin to Schenectady, that night. Oh boy, that Cloris sure has a good memory. That "Young Frankfurter" film was amazing. She deserved the Oscar - she was great on the Mary Tyler Morse show.