Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mayoral Candidate Websites

Yesterday, my friend who lives in a different small town upstate said,

"There's a mayoral race in my town, too, but I have no idea who's running. I know all three candidates in Hudson because I read"

Here are the three candidate's websites, in alphabetical order:

Linda Mussmann:

Michael O'Hara:

Richard Scalera:

In keeping with the disgusting, smutty, pornographic content of this website, here's some:

Which link will be the most popular?



aaron said...

i only sport my Mayor Mike O'Hara Button in the 12534

Anonymous said...

I say to raise awarness for the O'Hara campaign that there be a kissing booth put up on the corner of 5th and Warren (where the nice man that sells fake beany-babies sets up) on Sat. ... rig Trixie and Agnes up in some old USO hotpant number with a few sequins stitched on ... and get Hazel to give away plates of home made mac&cheese along with an O'Hara pitch. Or how about any tie-in with Scarlett O'Hara ?

Anonymous said...

ooops! ... an error in my above suggestion. Just checked the "owner of 6 cats" website - and dear, sweet Mac & Cheese Hazel is a L**nda supporter!

Anonymous said...

L**nda = LOONda!

Rose Marie said...

Vote for Dickie Scalera! He's the only one who will keep the riff-raff down by the river in-line. Plus he has my lawn mowed for free.

North Fifth Street said...

"The 12534."

That's funny, Aaron.

Agnes said...

Sheesh. So I asked Tippy to help me with the text of Scalera's bio at

This is what he said. I thought he was coughing up hairballs!!!

"Richard Ricky Scheldt amet lion , and but dui when rutrum pede in fact, but maecenas or volutpat good mi pain. A hollow was to please to congeal malesuada, region mi but mattis malesuada consectetuer. Crime according to reason, and to make sad word phasellus fermentum in fact. To for when when bow, to make fit fear elit how ultricies. But urna was tortor blandishments magna this maecenas vivamus now a hollow skirmish ornare, transitory a quiver good laoreet bed, for crime eget and bed.

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Last time I ever ask an overcaffinated cat to translate dummy text...