Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mayoral Debate

Here's the link for Hudson's Mayoral TV debate.
Thanks, Hudson Channel!
(Just wait until the GayHudson Channel starts!)
Actually, I wish I was in the photo above. So much more fun, no?
When you're bored with the debate, here's a Laugh In clip!


Anonymous said...

The "Hudson's Mayoral TV debate"... OMG, WHERE did they film this? Where did they find that faux-bois? Greenport???

Anonymous said...

"Hudson waterfront development proposal" "Watersports" "Revenue pools" "County seat" "Bottom line" "Tax service"... I'm getting all hot and bothered... thanks for the free video!

straight dude said...

I lasted 2 min, 10 sec. No mention of GayHudson or Gay anything, so that was the end of that.

They might have had more space in that closet if they removed the spare TV.

Rich said...

Babydoll, if you want more GayHudson, I gotcha GayHudson - right here!