Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Ralph Nader of Hudson

I know that many people don't read all the comments, and it's hard to keep track when new comments are added.

So, I wanted to post the following comment today, so that everyone knows to reads it.

It's from "Anonymous" (in italics):

"you should all get over yourselves...
none of you have been in hudson that long
and it is always interesting to see the frenzy of the "newcomers" rally around political figures that they know nothing about. four years ago linda was the second coming of christ. the one who was going to fix hudson. unfortunately she did not win
rick scelera won and retained his position,
the only reason that rick did not win the last race against dick tracey was because he did not run.

the "new regime" that has all the answers had a chance by getting dick and rob elected, and they fucked it up.

linda is being black listed becasue she is actually speaking to SLC about working together to build the waterfront. Well...guess what kids...SLC owns the waterfront, so you pretty much have to talk with them at some point. It's called business, so all of you who are standing on your never-give-in soapboxes, should probably get down off of them, put down your cocktails, sober up and get to work bringing the community together. Linda is not the one dividing the community, you are. Do you all forget that there was an entire city of people here long before ANY of the newbies came along? I believe you all want to simply block it out that there are "others" in this town.

My prediction, Rick is going to win, and you can all keep on your futile quest for change, because you don't actually want change that is inclusive of EVERYONE, just change that includes those that agree with you.

So...good night...and good luck...

PS...people with bad hair and that don't look that good in drag, should not throw stones by posting others high school pictures. I am sure we all have photos from our past that we would like to forget...and actually, I think Linda rocks that big're just jealous that you can make that happen atop your own head...."

I really don't need to say anything.

But I will. :)

Presently, we have a government without accountability. People pay (a lot of) taxes yet there's little if any books and records as to where the money goes.

That's not right. That needs to change.

Complain about the newbies all you want, but it's the newbies that bring new life and money into this town. Plus, three board members resigned from TSL because Linda continues to run. Are they newbies, too?

When you lose the primary, you step out of the race and support the other Democratic candidate. That's the right thing to do.

Linda is not a strong enough candidate.

And, yes, it's a shame. She's done a lot for this town, and she should be working with the other democrats, not against them.

Unfortunately, she's stubborn and tenacious and if she does not step out, she will be remembered as "The Ralph Nader of Hudson".

But, if she does step out of before the election, I'll be the first one to send a check to TSL.

Do the right thing, Linda.


willie said...

Hudson seems to be on a downward spiral, and comments like this make me believe it's true. So, is Rick Scalera honest? Out for the best interests of Hudson (and not himself)? Going to be open about the goings on in City Hall? If so, great - but history tells us otherwise.

The "mewbies" have brought life (financial and otherwise) back to a dying (yes dying) town. Now that things are better it's so easy to push the "newbies" away and go back to the wretched way things were done. To shrug us off as insignificant would be cavalier at best. Self destructive at worst.


Scalera is the same old same old. No new ideas. Just alot of the same nonsense. Have a debate - then see who you vote for...

Anonymous said...

The “Ralph Nader” smear is just a label that makes those who wield it feel smug and clever and self-righteous and it has the effect of stopping further thought and analysis on the subject. The Nader meme is simply not an accurate analogy for what is a three-way Democratic race in Hudson. You assume that if Linda stepped out of the race that O’Hara could beat Scalera. He cannot. O’Hara in no way has enough citywide support. There are many, many people who voted for Linda who simply will not vote for O’Hara because they know that O’Hara does not represent them in any way and has no feel for them or their issues. He has not given them any reason to believe that he has any feel for issues of poverty and race and immigrant status and the deep structural flaws in Hudson’s economy. In fact in the last several weeks through one misstep after another O’Hara has only confirmed their utter lack of faith or trust in him. He’s not a bad guy. Please note that I am NOT calling him a racist. He just lacks imagination and empathy and any kind of practical can-do spirit and the common touch and he does not connect with “others” at all. A lot of folks will stay home rather than ever pull the lever for O’Hara. They sense rightly that to pull the lever for him is to support interests that are downright counter to their own self-interests.

So you think being loyal to the Democratic Party is the #1 issue in this race? This three-way race IS about the future of the Democratic Party in Hudson. Scalera, a lifelong blue collar Democrat, cleverly did not spend one dime on a primary race and is in the race anyway. Linda represents many, many people in Hudson who if Linda were not in the race would continue to be shunned and ignored. Without Linda they literally have no voice in this campaign.

She represents the downtrodden in Hudson, hundreds if not in fact thousands of people. They voted for her in the primary. She lost by only 61 votes. Many did not vote in the primary because due to complete lack of basic political literacy (do not underestimate that) they are signed up as Republican or Independence or Right-to-Life and so they did not have a voice in the primary. And there hundreds upon hundreds of unaffiliated voters in Hudson besides, the majority of whom are probably potential Democrats.

Win or lose, Linda plays a very important role by staying in the race. She is continuing to register Democrats and her constituents will be empowered to keep the “feet to the fire” for whoever becomes Mayor. Whoever wins will not be able to ignore all the people and the needs she represents. Her grassroots hard political work on the local level is completely appropriate and the only place really where it is possible in our country to make genuine political change. You want a revolution? It starts RIGHT HERE. Linda is about making the Democratic Party accountable to the citizens in Hudson, that the leadership needs to represent ALL the people who are here – not only those who have enough money to be here. Linda is fighting an important battle to keep the Democratic Party honest and representative. She is strengthening the Party. She is not dividing it. Hudson is about as divided as a place can be and the "uniting" can't just be rhetorical.

So rather than wielding the Nader meme, why don’t you think about the candidates in terms of issues and who they really represent and what ultimately you would like the Democratic Party to stand for in Hudson. Because it WASN’T all over in the Primary. It’ll be all over in November – that is for another two years, when it will begin all over again.

How about this. You say you like TSL and what it stands for. So how about this? Maybe the Democratic Party in Hudson should be more like TSL, no? Inclusive.

Or carry on as you have been for the last month and a half. Oh yeah, Hudson sorely needs newbie gay men to bash longtime resident lesbian community activists. Right. The place needs more dividing.


Rich said...

I went to the Democratic debate. Linda does not have a firm grasp of the issues. She was argumentative and off topic. She was clearly the lesser of the two candidates.

I went to Linda's Meet and Greet, when asked about creating JOBS in Hudson, her answer was to put up a sign on 9G saying "Welcome to Hudson" or applying for grants. She had no real job plan.

She started chanting "It's MY turn! It's MY turn! It's MY turn!", as if she is ENTITLED to be mayor.


She is the lesser Democratic candidate, that's why she lost, that's why she should step out and work WITH the other Democrats.

What will happen to the communities she supposedly represents if Scalera is elected?

Linda is the spoiler, thinking of herself and her own agenda before the community.

She is "The Ralph Nader of Hudson".

The label hurts because it's true.

Anonymous said...

"...How about this. You say you like TSL and what it stands for. So how about this? Maybe the Democratic Party in Hudson should be more like TSL, no? Inclusive."

Four or five people is "inclusive"??? LOL!!! My perception of TSL = empty.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she got a Corvair hidden in her hair...

Anonymous said...

where are you digging up all of her early modeling photos from?

she was a struggling actress and theatrical producer - she was just doing what a woman had to do in those days to get ahead.

Anonymous said...

It isn't really a three-way race... one of them is an also-ran.

Anonymous said...

Political infighting. Pork-barrel squabbles. FBI investigations. “My independent party is bigger than yours” contests. Voter apathy. Bureaucratic inaction. Taxation without materialization.

Welcome to upstate New York - formed by glaciers and still governed by glacial momentum.

Anonymous said...

Hudson Opera House presents "How to Succeed in Local Politics Without Really Trying".

Scalera's a friggin' genius. He's probably funding the Bottom Line Party.

Agnes said...

Was there a behive hair do exhibit or sumthing during the artswalk thingy this year? Ware was it? The Hairspray Factory? I didn't make it up there this year...

Anonymous said...

Politics in this town sucks! We have one candidate looking to make changes on the heel of one who said he would and failed miserably. One candidate who is now a Republican just to get on the ticket with a dubious reputation. One candidate who someone says is for the "poor and downtrodden" see above. People are shooting each other and stabbing their neighbors? Others are killing homeless people on the railroad tracks? Still others are selling drugs on every street corner in town? And we don't need a change? Who thinks we need a change? It must be the "newbies" wait, they are the ones trying to make Hudson better, a place where people want to live. Culture. Dining. Community. Right - damn them!

Anonymous said...

Stop the " newbie" crap, you sound like all the old boys who used to hang out at the diner and complain about the "new fruits" in town-- I dont support a Hudson candidate just because he or she is gay, I support Hudson candidates because they are good for the city. Otherwise Id be calling for republican tearoom queen Senator Craig to run in hudson. Right now, we dont want homophobe Scalera, and we cant afford Linda who is working hard to give him to us.

Anonymous said...

"Newbies!" ... What Hudson needs is NUDIES!!! - triple X movie palaces, burlesque, flashers, dimly lit "lavender" bars, El Caminos patrolling the streets keeping the girls working - those were the days!

dan in hudson said...

Actually, I'm beginning to think "Anonymous" might have a point.

Linda may be less of a Ralph Nader and more of a Joe Lieberman. Or maybe the illicit lovechild of Joe Lieberman and Ralph Nader.

In either case, all hail Linda Mussman, the Joe Lieberman of Hudson!

Anonymous said...

glad I was able to spark such a collection of comments. At least it sounds like some of you are thinking, which is half the battle. Do not get too offended by the "newbies" comment. I too am a newbie and my point is that it is important to work with the community that was already here and not think that you can make it go away or make it better just by putting in a few places to eat, some galleries and some antique stores. There are much larger issues at hand. Yes several newcomers have helped to make this place better, and some have made it worse with their money and pretention. People need not get too righteous about how they have "saved" a dying town. If you did it for the praise, then you should cash in and leave now.

Linda has a right to run, whether people think it is the right thing to do or not. If she truly believes that she is representing a party that does not exist, then she should go for it. I can understand where the Nader analogy comes from, but are you voting for your candidate as the lesser of two (or three) evils or because it is someone that you truly believe in?

Politics in Hudson have been screwed up for a long time, and it will be a long time before they are better. Perhaps there can be more efforts on a bipartisan level no matter who wins in November.

I will leave you with the question that you can all ask yourselves...What are the changes that we want to see and what if we had exactly what we wished for?...

Happy Fall everyone, now go outside and enjoy some leaf watching...nature is putting on quite a show right now....

Anonymous said...

Who does this self-congratulatory, pompous, high & mighty "anonymous" (see above comment) think that he/she is? I, for one, don't need some self-important,self-appointed, "all-knowing", sage/dickhead decreeing what is right or wrong for Hudson. or deeming how I should think ( gee whiz! he actually credits himself with believing that he got us ding-a-lings to actually think!) ... let alone that I should unburden my silly little head and dismissed to toddle along and go watch the autumn leaves change!!

I'm Young, Gifted and Black ... and a Newbie NUDIE !