Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Our dreams will come true!

Hey kiddos!

Well, we know all this dreams of tomorrow hogwash is just that, flotsam and skedaddle and apple pan dowdy. Phshaw. The Hudson Master Plan of 1965 is yet to be implemented. The plans for the Police Station of 1978 are gathering dust. Check it out inna the History Room at the Librerry.

<<< Our Vision for the Warren Street of 1999! >>>

I wanna know what the mayorial candidates think of the Hudson of tomorrow. Really. Will it be like the Parc Foundation model – duplex artists studios with green plastic windows? More vinyl coated HUD housing? Restored federal chateaus? Drivethough McMansions for the outsourced Rhinebeckers?

What about the riverfront? Do we need more seement? More pontoon party boats? More ice creem tralers? Maine lobster shacks resturamnts? Yum, luv there shrimpy sallad bar!

More parkin lots? More Antiquey places? More Cat houses? More cat farms? More rat farms? More cannonball factories creatin' new jobs?

Wut… What? WHAT? Are you listennin to me?.....

I want some vision here -- and I dont mean lenscrafters.

In the old days, people had vision.

Yeah! General Motors. Whuts good for Gee Em is Good for America! Lots a great ideas in this yoo-toob video. Magik dresses. Exotic dancing. Hot guys wearin' masks. Automatic cake factories, uh-huh.

I like the car that looks like the friggin’ popemobile, but it’s great – forget oldssmobiles, we should all have our own sharkfinned popemobiles! Then we could zip right past the giant sign that sez, "Welcome to Hudson! Bring Your Jobs Here!" Ha ha ha.

Maybe they should get the Hudson Automobile Plant to move back to Hudson... you don't see many Hudsons around anymore... they musta alreddy moved the factory to China...

And I like the idea of people movers (we could use more of ‘em with all the strollers cloggin’ Warren Street.) Move people outta the way I say...

Let me bigress for a moment here on the subject of dabies…

Where I come from, Diamond Street, they taught how to stop the problem of babies. Ourr mamas taught us. They taught us young. And then our maddams made extra sure wede been taught. What has become of the new generation that doesn’t know how to stop babies????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????get off the keyboard Tippy they get yer point

I wuz outside the Gamin place one morning and french chick who wears the parachute sees a baby, slaps her fanny and, does an giant eyeroll like shez looking for for the hidden camera and sez, YOU WANNA CHILD SEAT? SORRY, WE JUST SOLD ZEE LAST ONE!”

ha! That was funny, real funny. Them french chicks and their forrin coffee... cafe oh lay!

What were we talkin’ about again?


Anonymous said...

Aggie: I think her parachute is Comme des Garçons

Agnes said...

Tippy's on Babblefish and sez commie day garsons means "likes boys" in french!

Heh heh heh, me too!

Anonymous said...

The sun will come out, tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow,
There'll be sun...
Jus' thinkin' about, tomorrow
Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow,
In Hudson!

Balderdash, Aggie!

Anonymous said...

Yo, Aggie.

When you gonna pull those rollers out? You been wearin' 'em for like six weeks now.

Stop my Mane Street, we'll do you up a nice fresh fauxhawk.

Agnes said...

Thankee much but I get my wash and set at Revede Coiffures