Thursday, November 8, 2007


Today's post is about assholes.

Yesterday, with all the talk about politics, I had all these assholes reading and commenting on my blog. They know who they are.

So, I figure that today, I would write about them.

Also, now that the entire political election is over, I can go back to being as disgusting as possible. I felt that I was letting down my base, my core constituents - my gentle, perverted, readers.

I love you all!

Plus, I'm just tired of being so darn politically correct all the time!

Let's talk about YOUR asshole.

Now, many people have lengthy conversations about their eyes, their noses, but FEW talk about their assholes.

I don't know why. It's just another part of the body. I don't know why people feel shame.

We don't shy away from it in yoga class. A good yogi should maintain their mula bunda throughout their asana practice; keeping the 'pelvic floor' muscles tight and uplifted.

Anyway, assholes serve MANY functions. Do I need to go into them? haha!

Even straight men nowadays are discovering the joys of their anus. Or, at least they're not afraid to say it. Remember this post?

I love straight men who can talk about their ass. It's a brave new world, folks.

For years, it's kinda like gay men have had this little "secret". Like, we know what feels good and we're not afraid to ask for it. There are still some straight men out there, who are like, "What's a prostate? That's about cancer, right?"

Oh, babydoll....

If the only prostate stimulation you've gotten is from your doctor, then email me....

It's a HOLE new world!

There are many assholes out there, many different shapes and sizes, colors.

But seeing someone's asshole for the first time, it's like, discovering, a new side of them.

What is up with anal bleaching? Now, I know it's not just women, it healthy?

OK, this is NOT how you do anal bleaching.

There's a market for everything.

Here's the definition of anal bleaching, from wikipedia:

"Anal bleaching is the practice of bleaching the darker pigmentation of the skin of light-skinned people, around the anus. It is used for cosmetic purposes. A cream is used containing around 20% hydroquinone (a suspected carcinogen banned by several countries including France and the UK) as an active ingredient."

So, you'll have a nice, white asshole, for cosmetic purposes, but you might also get cancer.


Make sure when they put you in your coffin, your asshole is up and exposed.
This post is for all you assholes out there, especially the ones from yesterday.

Be proud. Be firm.

Be an asshole.

Because assholes are beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Trixie - I support you in your plot to bring assholes to the front line. We all have one and know many, why hide them in you pants we should take pictures and display them proudly. Some have hemmroids, some warts, some even have more hair around them then you find on the owners head. But none the less if you know an asshole stand up and say HELLO you asshole!
Most of all Trixie assholes are like opinions everyone has one and some are bigger than others.

Trixie said...