Thursday, November 15, 2007

'for my kitten' -m. diver

my place
robinson street
hudson, new york
late night
asleep with jen

yelling outside

-jen! where the hell are you?

-shit, muffy, it's my husband! he's here!

glass shatters

-where's my wife, you fucking dyke!?!

out of bed, run downstairs

-muffy! be careful!
-call 911. now.
-muffy? What are you doing?!

baseball bat banging on my door

-don't muffy! he's drunk, he'll kill you!

deep breath. for my kitten.

open door. pepper spray in his eyes

screams, runs

-oh my god, muffy, oh my god! oh my god!
-it's ok. he's gone. i'm here


Tippy said...

agNes has PepPer spRaY in HeR pUrSE TOO.

Agnes said...

Tippy get out of there NOW.