Thursday, November 8, 2007's TOP keywords this month!!

Granny Panties!

This is what happens.

People go to search engines, google, yahoo, msn, whatever.

They type in search words and click on Search.

Then websites come up.

And they click on the website links.

That's how some people find!

Below is a list of the keywords used this month, November, in search engines, to find It's in order of popularity.

Thought you'd be interested. Totally true.

2. gayhudson
3. guys wearing hot panties
4. double midgetation
5. "stray bar" hudson new york reviews
6. boysporn
7. "dolores gray "
8. gayhudson blog
10. mayor mike hudson mussman debate
11. little boy cum
13. lock ness
14. pantied ass bitch
15. pantied men
16. linda mussman mayor spoiler
17. dirty trannie whores
18. hudson mayor race 2007 new york mussman election results
19. men in pantied
20. gay
21. linda mussmann election blog
22. smell man's armpit
23. rick scalera election hudson ny 2007
24. review straightboysfucking
25. mussmann election blog
26. video from
27. cockshots porn video
28. Gay

I know my market.


Anonymous said...

I thought I'd heard it all! What on earth is "boy sporn" ???

Anonymous said...

"linda mussmann election blog smell man's armpit" does kinda make sense...

Agnes said...

I know my market too.


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