Thursday, November 15, 2007

GayHudson's MOST Wanted

New poll today.

It's dedicated to Shelley Winters. An actress who, I feel, didn't hit her stride until later in life.

Imagine having Marilyn Monroe as a roommate! The pressure!

Did you know that Debbie Reynolds came out with a series of workout videos? Totally true.

And Debbie, sweet, happy, peppy Debbie Reynolds, somehow convinced her celebrity friends to be part of the video. The celebrities worked out among the other workout "extras".

Well, Debbie got Shelley Winters to workout in one of the videos. True.

Shelley was obviously NOT happy about it. She wore a sweatshirt throughout the video that read, in big bold letters,

I'm ONLY doing this for Debbie!

We love you, Shelley!

Thanks for not taking yourself too seriously!

Aaron, who comments on this site, still has no idea why I sometimes refer to him as

"My grandson, Aaron"

OK, different topic,

You get 25 GayHudson points if you can name this actress. You must comment in the blog, with your name. First name, last initial, something so I know who it is...

Maybe you'll win a baseball cap. I can pull up one of those.

Who is she?


Toms art report said...

it is Maureen Stapleton, isn't it?

Trixie said...'s not Maureen Stapleton.

But, we do have one correct answer so far!

I am not approving the correct posts, just yet, with the answer!

I'm going to give out FIVE baseball caps!

The contest is still ON!!

Anonymous said...

Sister Clarissa.

Anonymous said...

Sister Mary Lazarus?

Anonymous said...

It's Mary Wickes! Dobnald and I saw her in "LIGHT UP THE SKY" years ago in Coconut Grove.
Love ya Trixie!

lisa said...

I don't know her name, but I think she died recently.

Trixie said...

Um, we're looking for the ACTRESS!

OMG - I only got one right response so far!

Who's reading this blog? Are you sure that you're even gay? Gay-ish?

You can't identify a character actress from 30 years ago?

What's going on in this town?

What the fuck?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


North Fifth Street said...

Belle Rosen???

Anonymous said...

I forget her name... she's the new Alderperson for Ward VI I think.

Anonymous said...

She works the morning shift at the counter of the Diamond Street Diner I think.

Anonymous said...

It's Ann Morgan Guilbert who was on the Dick Van Dyke show.

Gloria said...

Its Ann Morgan Guilbert from the Dick Van Dyke Show.

Anonymous said...

God, Britney has gone to seed...