Tuesday, November 27, 2007

'giggles' -m. diver

promenade hill park
hudson, new york
cold, windy afternoon

jen left

-muffy, i'll be able to start a new life now

school in buffalo

-but muffy, i'm not gay
-i know

i knew

-hey, but we can still be friends, and you can come and visit!
-just take the amtrak! that will only take you, like, two days...



already, i miss her
so much

bye, kitten

be happy, you're beautiful

i love you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Muffy did those two boys from the Red Dot ever come over to watch you and your girlfriend eat each other out?

Miss Muffy Diver said...

dick sucking for pussy licking

always fun

Agnes said...

In the old days a girl could get herself a shiney bracelet or a nice fox fur jacket

Anonymous said...

Fuck lesbo porn. Fuck GIWTF porn. Fuck midget porn.

This site needs more ZOMBIE PORN!

Anonymous said...

lick my zombie vagina