Saturday, November 10, 2007

'haven' - m. diver

robinson street
wednesday afternoon
hudson, new york
smoking pot with jen i met at sip and suds
on my bed

-so, what's vegas like?
-it's so fucking out of control. it's like another world
-wow. i haven't left hudson for like, forever
-you should come with me next time
-what, and be like your entourage?


-why not?
-you know

she lays back on me

-i can't leave hudson, muffy

we lay down
i put my arm around her

-muffy, i'm not...i'm not gay
-i know. just this. no sex. no pressure

breathing together
she turns, her cheek on my heart

-then just this. this is nice, this is really nice

i pat her hair. my kitten

-i wish he was like you, muffy
-baby, it's ok
-he's, he's so mean
-shhh...he's an asshole. you, you are beautiful
-no, i'm..
-yes, you are. right now, just me and you, nothing else. everything's ok.
-i don't want this to end
-it's ok, kitten, i'm here....for you


Tippy said...

iT's oK kitten i"m hErE fOR you>


Rose Marie said...

I can't believe postings like this.

All I can say is... well...


You know what I mean.