Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jason's UP UP

Hi folks,

I'm a little late on this post, but you can comment on 'Upstairs at Jason's' here.

What did you think?

Love DJ Gio. I'm in a bar talking to my friend, George, that I've known for 20 years and I mention Hudson.

"Oh, I have a good friend, Giovanni, who DJ's there."

"Really, I just sucked him off the other day.....well, I think it was him...."

No, I really don't remember who I sucked off....Halloween night was a little crazy in Hudson. Well, I'm sure I left some black Manic Panic lipstick behind.

I only buy Manic Panic. The entire Manic Panic collection is put together by Tish and Snooky, who were Deborah Harry's back-up singers for Blondie. True.

Tish and Snooky

I've met them in the past - also true - and they're very nice. They have a section on their website devoted to helping animals.

OK. I cannot have a post about blow jobs in the bathroom and Blondie without mentioning Dee Dee Ramone.

I don't really know what the official word is on Dee Dee, if he was gay or straight, or most probably in between, but doncha just LOVE skinny white punk rock boys from Queens?

Speaking of which, when I was at the Red Dot on Halloween, I turned to a guy next to me, whom I've NEVER seen before and asked him,

"So, what are you gay? Straight? In between?"

He flat out said to me, without missing a beat, "I'm bisexual."

Which, I think, is brave. I give the bisexuals credit, because neither side really likes them.

But, the bi's are the majority. And their time will come.

The future is not gay or straight. The future is the "in-between's"

I'm going to leave you with that.


Anonymous said...

: )))))))))))))
no it wasn't me trust me i'd remember black manic panic...
thx for the post though.

Trixie said...

The person with black manic panic lipstick on their dick....your headlights are on.

Anonymous said...

its aaron on another computer....

i love the pep boys shirt. can that be the name of "the new stray"

Anonymous said...

I knew Tish and Snooky back in the day...