Monday, November 12, 2007

Let's play Queer Factor!!

I have absolutely no idea what people do in Hudson during the a Tuesday or Wednesday? When it's cold out? I guess indoor house projects. What do I know?


Well, here's a game I play with my straight friends called "Queer Factor"!

I get straight male friends to play, it's great.

This is the premise: Is ANYONE 100% gay or 100% straight? Given a certain two options, when would you jump over the fence?

For instance, if I HAD to have sex with one of these two people, who would it be:

Hallie Berry or Dick Cheney?

Now, I am SO gay, (if you haven't figured it out). BUT, there is NO WAY I'm sucking Cheney's dick. No fucking way, and I've sucked some pretty nasty dick in my lifetime. He's such a prick, for so many reasons, he doesn't deserve even a bad blow job.

Plus, Hallie Berry is super hot! What gay man would not want to have sex with her? Not convinced? Imagine that after you had sex with Hallie Berry, then you got to see her house and wardrobe?


It works for straight boys, too.

Ask a straight guy, you have to fuck one of the two up the ass, which one would it be?

Josh Hartnett or Barbara Walters?

Imagine sex with Barbara Walters? How annoying would that be?

That's the game, Hudson. You can interchange straight women for gay men in the examples get the idea.

If you come up with better ones, let me know.

Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Josh Hartnett photo.
I've never understood why the neck mole was never removed - otherwise, perfection!

aaron said...

mmmmmmmm josh hartnet... le yum

what bout linda mussman or rich volo... i know what my answer would be...

Diego said...

Honestly I'd much rather cheney over Halle Berry.
That;s how much of a faggot/tranny I am!
With him, at least, you could play in your head the
"dirty old daddy" fantasy", like I'm his little
daughter or granddaughter and he is abusing me. with
Halle Berry there's no room for fantasy cuz she's a
fucking woman.

North Fifth Street said...

Aaron, what would your answer be if the choice were Linda Mussmann or Miss Trixie?

Anonymous said...

Sex with Barbara Walters...

"Oh god oh god, oh god, yes... yes... yes... YES!!! IF YOU COULD BE ANY KIND OF TREE, WHAT KIND OF A TREE WOULD YOU BE???

Rose Marie said...

I think I've got a good one!

Whoopi Goldberg OR Tom Cruise?

Rose Marie said...

Oh, I got a great one!

Mary Cheney OR Colin Powell?

Trixie said...

oh, that's not fun now.

Rose Marie said...

Miss Trixie honey, I am trying my best! How's this one:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck OR Linda Mussmann?

Trixie said...

Rose Marie,

Are you sure you know how to play this game?

Agnes said...

I hear Rihanna's moving in on my turf and making sweet on my boy Joshie... I see her around town and I'm gonna CUT that bee-yatch!

Anonymous said...

Did you see Josh Hartnett shot by Testino in VMan last year? Hot rough and sexy. That lipstick shade was just right on him.

Rose Marie said...

I'll try again, let me know if this one works:

Loni Anderson OR Merv Griffin?