Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The List for Scalera

Here's the list for Scalera, as posted as a comment by a reader earlier today.


1) The economic future of Hudson rests squarely on the shoulders of the success of the retail businesses along and around Warren St. The policy of the mayor and the Common Council should be to encourage further development of this singular economic engine.

2) Overhaul the tax assessment system in place.

3) Demand a complete audit of the Boys & Girls Club failed renovation project. Instruct State ATTY General and County DA to launch a thorough investigation of perpetrators of this failure.

4) Affordable housing is a complete misnomer. One thing Hudson does not lack is affordable housing. To focus valuable financial and capital resources on what has been a complete failure is irresponsible.

5) Encourage the continued gentrification of the historic structures in Hudson - which are unique and invaluable assets. Apply for Federal and State Historic District Designation Status.

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