Saturday, November 3, 2007

'shiner' -m. diver

sip and suds laundromat
sunday morning
hudson, new york

i look like shit

girl, my age, pretty, black eye

-sorry, mind if i get my..
-sure, no problem
-thanks, hey, um, my name is muffy
-muffy? you don't look like a muffy
-well, it's like my stage name
-oh, are you an actress?
-yeah, kinda
-that's neat. i was in drama club in high school
-yeah, but i wasn't any good
-i don't believe you


-jen, that's quite a shiner you got there

looks down

-oh, it's nothing. i fell
-yeah, i'm really clumsy

she looks up
i know
we both know
i touch her arm

-if you want, we can grab a cup of coffee at nolita's, while it spins
-no, no, i'm ok. i'm fine, i'm fine, really

retreat, retreat

-ok. see ya
-yeah, see ya

i read, she folds

three minutes. awkward

she walks over

-ya know, i think i could really use a cup of coffee now


a new friend