Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving Epiphany


I'm thankful for Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce, on sale for 88 cents a can at Price Chopper.

Your neighbor,

Rose Marie


Agnes said...

Why do I suddenly seem to recall that Black Friday is Rose Marie's birthday?

Hey Rosie, remember, you're supposed to blow out the candles, not swallow them...

Anonymous said...

Rose Marie never swallows she always spits... check the carpet beside her bed. Obviously she hasn't heard about the research recently done at Suny Albany, which proves a hormone in seman elevates a womans moon and decreases the effects of depression. So swallow you uptight old bag, swallow...

Anonymous said...

Rose Marie, which do you prefer - Shop Rite or Price Chopper?

Sign me: A Newbie

Rose Marie said...

I love to shop - everywhere! Except Warren Street that is because I just cannot even begin to explain what goes on the the stores there. The junk from my ma's house that we drug into the yard and set on fire after she died - that goes for $1000's of dollars on Warren Street. So go figure.

So first, I start by clipping coupons.

If I wind up at Price Chopper I can also drop into Fashion Bug and pick up some half-off ammunition at WalMart.

If I go to Shop Rite I can also stop by Fairview Liquors for a nip or a half quart.

Either way I am sure to run into lots of folks I know and get a payload of fresh dirt for just lending my ear.