Monday, November 19, 2007

You're born naked, the rest is drag...

"You're born naked, the rest is drag." - Ru Paul

There were two FABULOUS art openings this weekend.

I went to the Frank Faulkner exhibit in Catskill, and was immediately asked, "Trixie, I didn't know you went across the river?"

My friends in Brooklyn will tell you it's true. I rarely cross the East River for any occasion, but I do cross the Hudson from time to time. This time, it was NOT a trip to Home Depot.

Frank's exhibit was fabulous! I will never turn down a chance to see a wall of penises (or is it penii?).

The crowd at the opening was incredible. This woman, my new best friend, Michelle, wants to give me a tour of Catskill. Sure! She was amazing! Her outfit was incredible. This gal gets it! Life is too short!

This was the straight guy bartender at the opening. He's smiling because I was grabbing his ass.
He was working alongside his girlfriend. oops.

I told him,

"Babydoll, just close your eyes and pretend it's a woman sucking your dick....and twenty minutes later, just close your eyes and pretend it's a woman fucking you up the ass."

He laughed.

One of my MANY admirers.

Also, you MUST check out the exhibit at 209 Warren Street. Artists, such as my friend Giovanni diMola are displaying their exhibits at CONTINUUM.

Giovanni e Trixolina

People ask me WHY I do drag. Usually, I just answer, why not?

There's a yoga instructor, who, when his students are in a balancing pose, like tree, he purposefully goes over and pushes them over.

Every day we get up and get dressed, and go about our daily lives. But, how often do we stop and ask ourselves, why?

Why this job?

Why this relationship?

Why this outfit?


Are we just stuck in a routine?

Every now and then, it's good to get a push, to re-focus, re-balance, and re-steady ourselves.

You can ALWAYS re-define yourself, change yourself, and change your life.

It's never too late.

PS - In addition to re-examining limiting cultural sexual stereotypes, in drag, you can go up to cute straight guys and cop a feel. Do you need more of a reason? Hello.

...more photos tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Are you the same Trixie that was giving blow jobs at the Red Dot on Halloween? If so when will you be giving them again, I am in Hudson full-time and am in need of a good blow job! Your lucky to get a second look from most of the tight ass queens in this town!

Trixie said...

No, that must be someone else.

Check out the glory hole at TSL.

Tons of blow jobs there.

Anonymous said...


Thx for your presence at the opening..the pix are fabulous and so are U!
(this was not a paid endorsement)

Trixie said...

Grazie, Bello!

Someone said to me:

"Anche tu servi a qualcosa, con la tu' testa di carciofo".

I said thank's a compliment, right?

the abandoned daughter of Gelsomina

Agnes said...

Yeah the pictures were pretty nice and accurate as I recollect but the show did kinda remind me of the waiting room at the old VD clinic on Green St...

Anonymous said...

Trixie who is the cute Italian boy your with?

Anonymous said...

Trixie, who is the cute Latin boy you're with?

Trixie said...

Italian or Latin?

Or Latin as in he's from Vatican City, then it counts for both?

"Annus bisextus"

which means "Leap year"

not what you're thinking...

Toms art report said...

it was a great evening and you looked great too, which made it so. Thank you for memorializing it in your post.

Trixie said...

Oh Tom...

This old thing?


you're a love!

Rose Marie said...

Oh my word. By 2010 there'll be total depravity. How squalid everything will be.

Anonymous said...

Trixie, who were the triplet Hungarian male models you were with?

Anonymous said...

Trixie, is that the President of Uzbekistan you're with?