Friday, December 14, 2007

Come back to the Columbia Street Diner, Joey Stefano, Joey Stefano

Few porn starts elicit sighs.

When his name is mentioned, for those who knew of him, it's always,

"...sigh...he was perfect."

Yes, he was.

Here's video clips that I could find of Joey.

Today, I thought we'd have a little tribute to Joey Stefano.

Have an orgasm today, thinking of him. That's what Joey would want....

(For our Straight Dad reader, here's some lesbo porn, starring's own MUFFY DIVER! She's the one with the lace stockings! We love our straight male readers!! Woo-hoo!)

Far be it from ME to start a discussion on "what is art", but, let's go!

If video or images can arouse you to orgasm, in my opinion, then that's some pretty damn good art!!

Art isn't just something you hang on a wall because it goes with the sofa. Art does not have to be some boring-ass documentary or some over-priced painting. Art can be fun and popular!

Art can be capturing Joey Stefano giving a great blow job. It is beauty; simple, gorgeous, sexy, and gratifying.

On that note, don't forget, Saturday, from 6-9pm in Catskill is the opening of the second half of Mr. Faulkner's exhibit.


Where exactly? Oh, just go to Catskill and follow the crowd of gay men. You'll find it.

Guess where my hand was?

I heard that this bartender was going to be there again. Is that enough to get you to cross the river?


Anonymous said...

"Guess where my hand was?"

Well, if that toothsome young man is anything like the Diego Hand Puppet in the Red Dot toy box, you were probably fisting him.

Anonymous said...

You slut, this time I want to see you giving him a red ring around his cock!

Trixie said...

Money talks!

I'll do it! How much?

I think this could be a new auction at Stair Gallery!!

aaron said...

is trixie's penis on the wall?

Trixie said...

IN the wall, glory-hole style!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to have that waiter "hanging on the wall above my sofa..."