Monday, December 10, 2007

'girlfriends' - m. diver

some bar
hudson, new york
late at night

having a drink with big momma
momma brings kennedy friend chicken with her, in her purse
eating chicken at the bar

agnes sits next to us. drunk.

trixie on a box, dancing

'i'll get down on my knees,
i'll do anything for you.'

some guy walks up to me and says

-hey, isn't that the dude from gayhudson?
-fucking queer
-why don't you shut the fuck up?
-why don't you suck my dick you little punk dyke?
-eat me!
-bunch of fags in this town!

he pushes me


big momma's purse hits him in the head
fried chicken everywhere

agnes runs out, arms flailing
underarms flabbing
-la publicité! la publicité!

big momma grabs him
pushes him against wall

momma spits in his face
bits of chicken in his eye
little punk dyke knee to the groin


trixie yells
-no violence! no violence!

agnes returns, with her friends,
the hudson police

take him away


Anonymous said...

That's horrible!

Let's stage a Trixie solidarity day!

How about this Saturday?

Everyone in Hudson should wear a pink wig and black sunglasses...

Anonymous said...

Every day in Hudson is Trixie Solidarity Day!

Trixie said...

Thank you, thank you!

My dear fans!

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Tippy's here showing me Babblefish translation...

"Grazie, grazie!

I miei ventilatori cari Westinghouse!

Amo tutti voi!"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Hudson police probably took him to Jason's for a round of pool - then made him don a Jodie Foster wig, bent him over, and shoved a pool cue up his ass.

Agnes said...

La pubblicità!

Agnes said...

PS I was not drunk its that new heart medication Im on

Miss Muffy Diver said...




Agnes said...

Lissen missy...

Agnes said...

Your getting me all distracted now.

Fill that box! Of course I beleive in giving BACK to the community. But this is a different kind of giving back. You know.

Tippy put a cat toy in the box today. A chewed up little fabric rat. I hope it goes to some deserving little kitten. Follow Tippys lead! But dont use that toy first and if you do wash it in bleach.

Anonymous said...

Trixie yells, "No violence! No violence!", grinding her Jimmy Choo stiletto in his eyesocket...

Agnes said...

The coppers aint my pals their my frenemies, Tippy taught me that word, I got the whole force on myfaves speedial list, they keep me busy, thank gawd medicare pays for text message to.