Friday, December 7, 2007

Winter Stroll and Snowball this weekend...

OMG - do you see what happens to this blog if I go away for a couple of days....ugh..

Did everyone have a good time at Winter Walk?

I don't know what happened to the photogs....

You see, other than Agnes, the staff here at gets paid by sexual favors from Trixie.

Which probably explains why I haven't seen a SECOND set of photos from our photographers yet.

Hey - I never promised good sex!

Agnes gets paid in Kools and scratch-off lottery tickets, two commodities which are apparently in abundance in Hudson! We thought about paying Agnes with cement as well.

Or crack.

This was my first Winter Walk last weekend - a virgin at SOMETHING - and I have to admit it was amazing.

I have never seen so many people in the stores in Hudson! I still haven't figured out how most of the places in town stay open, you got me.

For instance, there's a vacuum store in Hudson. I mean, how much money can one person spend on vacuum cleaners? In a lifetime? Really? Do you get a new vacuum each season, like a Hermes scarf?

I don't know.

Drop your toy off in the box. Go to Catskill's Winter Walk and then the Snowball event in Phoenix.

I'll blog more over the weekend....yeah, whatever.

Chocolate Santas....

Good Grief!


Anonymous said...

I'm boarding the plane for Phoenix how. Thank god.

Trixie said...

Hopefully, you'll get there in time!

Tippy said...

MisS TRxIe I Will Help YOu ouT wItH ThE ChOcoLate sAnta jOKe.

cliCK bElOW, AnD theN cliCk ON santAlAnd dIARIeS.


It TAkEs A WHiLe to LoAD SoMeTimes SO mAke YOursElf A lArGE TUna ChAi lAtTE wHIlE yOu WAit.

Anonymous said...

Catskill's Winter Troll...

So does it have cruising like Hudson? Loadswapping like Hudson? Snowballing? Cottaging? Frottage? Shrimping?

Will Diego be there cruising ex-cons and their wives?

Or is it just some random bears looking for stocking stuffers and free cider?

Rose Marie said...

Mmm... Catskill's Winter Troll had Variegated Prosecco I think they called it yum.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate Santa

Chocolate Santa

Chocolate Santa

Anonymous said...

Was there any Snowballing at the Snowball event?