Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Big Slot


Did everyone enjoy themselves?

Anyway, the party at the Red Dot New Year's Eve was FABULOUS!

I bumped into the photogs last night.

I said, "Where the fuck are the photos from New Years?"

They said, "We're going to burn them to a CD and drop them off at your house. Do you have a big slot?"

I gave them my best Eve Arden look and walked away.

Do I have a big slot?


Ms. Trixie Starr is a SLOT MACHINE!

Put some money in, and you might get three cherries!

And if you don't, keep trying!

Anyway, kudos to the staff at the Red Dot and DJ Gio for putting on such a great party.

I think that that's all the parties in this town until spring. So, if you missed it, you're shit outta luck.

My "sister" was at the Red Dot party as well....

No, not Truxie. My "sister" wore a blond curly wig, with a little midrift showing.

Damn her and her thin figure!

(If you haven't noticed, Trixie only buys dresses that 'slim' her plus-size girlish figure....there won't be any muffin-top showing on this gal!)

Once, when I was in drag, I started talking to a woman in Hudson. (Yes, a biological woman. We need to preface it now.)

She said to me, "We've met before. We had a conversation at Ca' Mea."

I thought to I don't remember that at all.

After talking to her some more, I realized that she actually had a conversation with my "sister" , another cross-dressing Hudsonite and stone mason.

I told her, "No, that was the OTHER one....not me."


Hudson needs MORE cross-dressers.
I count/hear of FIVE so far. How many do you know?


Rose Marie said...

Miss Trixie, is that a crossdressing WalMart Greeter??? Please, NOT in Greenport!

Agnes said...

Slots AND sluts.

Good stuff. Good fun.

Hudson had plenty of both until cranky old Tom Dewey pulled into town.

Rose Marie said...


Authentic, historic, old-fashioned Hudson muffins - just what those hardy sailors ate!

THAT'S what the recreation of Kaufman's Bakery on Columbia Street could bake!

Somebody get the National Trust for Historic Preservation on the phone to force this issue!

Anonymous said...

"She said to me, 'We've met before. We had a conversation at Ca' Mea.' I thought to I don't remember that at all."

Well, just be glad she didn't say, "I'm Dawn Davenport. You made love to me Christmas morning. I just want to let you know I'm pregnant and want money."

North Fifth Street said...

Oooooh... Eve Arden...

"Personally, Veda's convinced me that alligators have the right idea. They eat their young."

Miss Muffy Diver said...

you mean

big slut

dontcha, trix?

Trixie said...

Fuck you, Muffy!

Anonymous said...

Apártate que me tiznas, dijo la sartén al cazo!

Tippy said...

mOVe away fRom Me, YOu BLACkEN, SAId the FRYING pAn tO tHE lADle!

...Or as An agNeS-iSm, THaT's thE Pot caLliNG tHE KEtTle BLACk.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good Eve-ism, from "Ziegfield Girl"...

"You know, I think I'll adopt a baby. A boy, about 21."

Anonymous said...

...and she kept it up as the principal in "Grease"

"If you can't be in athletics, at least be an athletic supporter!"

Anonymous said...

Trixie, face it: you are the slot of all time.

Trixie said...

Here's to Our Miss Connie Brooks!

Daisy Enright : When I was in my teens, there weren't very many stars on television.

Connie Brooks : When you were in your teens, there weren't many stars on the flag.
Thank you, Eve!

That Daisy Enright could've been Agnes...

Agnes said...

Oh ya? And that Gloria in Butterfield 8 coulda been you, Trix.

Trixie said...

BUtterfield 8:

...the best-seller that tells Gloria's story...from first man to last!

This is Danny...who knew that no one man owned Gloria!

This is Liggett...who called Gloria whenever his wife was away!

The glamor girl who wakes up ashamed!

The most desirable woman in town and the easiest to find. . .just call. . .BUtterfield 8

She must hold many men in her arms to find the one man she could LOVE!

Oh Aggie, you DO understand!

Anonymous said...

Plus-size is an understatement.

"Butterball Ate" is more like it.

Trixie said...



North Fifth Street said...

What were the phone exchange names in Hudson?

BUtterfield 8? Pennsylvania 6-5000? DIamond-1? WIllard-666? Robinson negative-11? Agnes "just put your lips together and whistle???

Who knows these things? Is it preserved in the history room at the Library?

Agnes said...

That Elizabeth Taylor movie was a complete work of fiction. I dont got any idea why she won the oscar. Like when she walks away from the nice $250 that the nice gentleman left her and then wrote "no sale" on his mirror. Hello - is she CRAZY? Nutso? Loco?

North Fifth Street said...

I think she may have thought $250 was just too cheap - she got paid $1,000,000 for Cleofatra, her next picture after Butterball 8.

A girl's gotta eat.

Agnes said...

Well a million smackeroos is a lot of money but soembody tell Liz $250still goes a long way at Hudson Grand Buffet!

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah crossdressers...

or crossJESTERS?

Anonymous said...

TAnglewood 8 (828) was the Hudson exchange

Anonymous said...

Three cherries? In THIS town? Highly unlikely.

The game's fixed.

Anonymous said...

Hon, I'd say you get the muffintop from your BARBER.

Anonymous said...

"Tanglewood" is good - it sounds a little dirty, don't you know?

Why don't they name the park by Oakdale Lake "Tanglewood"?

Hudson needs a good, busy cruise park, something to put it on the map.